Read online intet af janne teller pdf is available in our digital library an online . niente janne teller site com books | niente by janne teller. by. Janne Teller, Questa filosofia è il "niente" del titolo: per Pierre Anthon nulla ha un senso, .. Perciò non vale la pena di fare niente, lo vedo solo adesso ”. Janne Teller (born 8 April in Copenhagen) is a Danish writer of Austrian– German descent . "Modtagere af Kulturministeriets børnebogspris" (PDF).

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Janne Teller (Copenaghen, 8 aprile ) è una scrittrice danese. Indice. 1 La vita; 2 Le opere ), Iperborea (ISBN ); L'innocenza di Sofie ( "Intet", , trad. it. ), Fanucci Editore; Niente ("Intet", , trad. it. ), Feltrinelli. nothing by janne teller goodreads share book - nothing book read 2 reviews opens teller s haunting novel a violent, pdf nothing by janne teller book free e le recensioni di niente romanzo di janne teller edito da feltrinelli, niente janne. 04TZ .. weekly .pdf weekly

It all starts when Pierre Anthon stands up in the classroom one day and declares "Nothing matters.

I have known that for a long time. So nothing is worth doing.

La Bottega Del Natale

I just realized that. His classmates grow increasingly uncomfortable with what Pierre says, so they decide to gather a "heap of meaning" - a pile of what is most precious to them, in order to prove that certain things do have value.

As they are required to give up more and more of what is important to them, soon they start to turn on one another and the sacrifices become ever more extreme. It is this part of the book that I personally found most effective: the gradual disappearance of morality and the way the children turn to violence.

Despite the simplistic sentence structure a possible side effect of the translation , this is a very mature piece of YA that contains many disturbing scenes. What I didn't like began with the short, choppy sentences and continued to grow worse with the complete lack of realism in the story.

Nothing feels more like a philosophical essay than a novel.

I never developed a connection with any of the characters, nor any sympathy for them - not even the narrator. And there was no way I could believe that these young teens were allowed to run about digging up graves and stealing from science labs over the space of several months without some adult questioning what the hell was going on.

I understand that this novel is primarily intended to provoke philosophical thinking, but I believe it would have been far more effective if we were allowed to warm to someone in the novel and develop an emotional connection with them - something I personally feel was lacking.

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And there was another thing I didn't like. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but certain characters equated female virginity and innocence with the self.

As in: if you lose your virginity, you also lose yourself, which is ridiculous.

Janne Teller's novels cover a wide variety of contemporary and philosophical issues. Her essays cover existential and ethical perspectives of modern life, and include 'Between the Lines' Lettre International , , "Europe, who do you want to be?

Janne Teller

She's furthermore thought to have revolutionized the young adult novel with her existential Nothing Danish Intet , first published in Denmark in , earned critical acclaim and caused widespread controversy in Scandinavia. The novel's main character, the boy Pierre Anthon, proclaims to his classmates that life is meaningless, sitting in a plum tree.

They feel an urge to show Pierre Anthon some proof that there is meaning in life, which ultimately leads to violence amongst the children. The novel received several awards, among them a Michael L. Janne Teller published her first short story in the Danish Daily, Berlingske Tidende, at the age of In December , Teller helped organise a petition of world-renowned contemporary authors, protesting against mass surveillance in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations.

Several Nobel laureates were signatories to the open appeal to governments, corporations and the United Nations [6].

Originally educated as a macro economist, Janne Teller worked for the United Nations and the European Union in conflict resolution and humanitarian issues around the World, particularly in Africa.

Presently, she resides in New York City. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Nothing 2 6 Aug 21, No se si me ha gustado o me ha horrorizado. The jacket copy and some reviews talk about this book as being like Lord of the Flies. It's a small, thin book, with lots of white space, and morbid fascination can really increase my page count.

The plot sounds kind of like Calvino's Baron in the Trees , another tale about a boy in a tree that annoys people just by his being in the tree.