Encyclopedia of HeavyMetal Music. HEAVY METAL MUSIC: AN INTRODUCTION 7Certain aspects of the criticism are accurate. Unlike other. William PHILLIPS & Brian A. COGAN, Encyclopedia of. Heavy Metal Music. Brian Hickam. Electronic version. URL: reffirodonverm.ga ISSN: Heavy metal (often referred to simply as metal) is a genre of rock music[1] that .. Rolling Stone encyclopedia entry begins, "Australian heavy-metal band.

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Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music This page intentionally left blank Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music WILLIAM PHIL. According to the Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal by authors Brian Cogan and Phillips, the music genre “metal” is a subgenre of rock and roll (Encyclopedia of. It has been reviled, dismissed, attacked, and occasionally been the subject of Congressional hearings, but still, the genre of music known as heavy metal.

Quite simply, they dont exist. There are a handful of very good albums, of course, a healthy number of brilliant singles and a positive avalanche of genuinely great riffs not many great lyrics, though, and lets not talk about the cover art.

But the NWOBHM wasnt built to last, and for the most part neither were its recorded statements; it was an in-the-moment phenomenon, a gloriously if-you-werent-there-youll-never-really- understand-it-now affair. Needless to say, the brilliant, era-defining Hysteria, significantly enriched by the knob-twiddling attentions of Leppards sixth member, producer Mutt Lange, doesnt qualify either. Rather, the NWOBHM is about the I-could-have-been-a-contenders of the music world, the might-have- beens-if-only-Saturn-had-been-in-the-ascendant-during-the-month-we- supported-Priest.

Diamond Head hailed from the West Midlands always fertile ground for breeding hard rock heroes and seemed to combine the finest qualities of their most celebrated Black Country predecessors.

Scarcely exaggerating, NWOBHM cheerleader-in-chief Barton pronounced that there are more good riffs in your average single Diamond Head song than there are in the first four Black Sabbath albums, while long-locked frontman Sean Harris was regularly compared to Robert Plant.

As soon as you got major label backing and converted your promise into polished product and massive sales Maiden, Leppard, Saxon to some extent you were no longer NWOBHM. In Diamond Heads case, signing to a major label MCA only served as the cue for the beginning of their startling decline.

The bands independently produced debut LP now usually known as Lightning to the Nations, although the original release appeared without title in a plain white cover, hence the alternative name by which its known: The White Album had been hailed as a rough-hewn masterpiece, but the attempt to record a more commercial follow- up with producer Mike Hedges at the helm bore slightly bitter-tasting fruit in the form of the underwhelming Borrowed Time.

The decision to retain singer Harriss mum as their tour manager, despite competing interest from industry heavyweights, probably didnt help with moving the bands career along either. Glorious, massive failure notwithstanding, Diamond Head havent been without influence. A young drummer by the name of Lars Ulrich was among the first worshippers at the DH altar, and the band he formed in their wake you may have heard of them: Metallica based their early live sets around DH numbers.

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Not that Diamond Head have any reason to complain about Metallicas success in taking their legacy global. I didnt make any money from our albums, DH guitarist Brian Tatler recently commented. I lived with my parents until I was thirty-three. Then the money from Metallica let me put a deposit on a house.

It was the only way I would have been able to do that. Few bands of any generation have ever been able to match the Head at their epic best. Look up Girl on YouTube and, among other things, youll find a clip of the London five-piece on The Old Grey Whistle Test in which theyre introduced by a wonderfully sceptical-looking Annie Nightingale. After making a disparaging reference to the current popularity of heavy rock, La Nightingale casts doubt on the wisdom of a band made up entirely of fellas sporting such a feminine name and New York Dolls-ish look.

As it turned out, she was right to be concerned: despite some early successes such as the clear-vinyl debut single which had the same track the fabulously succinct My Number on both sides , Girls glammy image proved a turn-off with the punters.

Not that things turned out so badly for all members of the band. Frontman Phil Lewis relocated to America, where he found success with L.

Encyclopedia Of Heavy Metal Music (PDF)

Guns and covered one of Girls best tunes, Hollywood Tease, a song nota bene, trivia fans that he had co-written with principal Girl guitarist Phil Collen. Recognise the name? Now, if you think the addition of Collen was an important catalyst in transforming Def Leppard from flailing wannabes into world-beaters, you really should give his earlier work with Girl a listen. Is Jonathan Ross overpaid? The riffs were tuned down a half-step or more from standard guitar tuning, giving them a darker, more ominous timbre.

And as they did, they helped to open up new possibilities for music that would use the new heavy sounds, essentially leading the way to what we now call heavy metal.

As they and later groups like Judas Priest continued to strip out the blues elements, they brought us closer to metal. Following some of their experiments, classically trained musicians such as keyboardists Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman of the groups Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, and Yes, respectively, were important innovators in progressive rock, bringing much more classical ideas into rock and fusing them into the hybrid that progressive rock represents.

Robert Walser suggests that in their appropriation of classical virtuosic elements in their playing, musicians like Malmsteen and Rhoads may actually be closer to the classical tradition than we might otherwise suspect. While our contemporary experience of classical music is largely in a recorded form and studiously performed in a carefully preserved tradition, many classical composers were in fact live performers who also incorporated improvisation into their performances, a tradition that musicians like Malmsteen and Rhoads may have done more to carry on than many contemporary classical musicians who may feel more bound by more conservative classical performance traditions.

Featuring the caterwauling vocalist Udo Dirkschneider and the dual-guitar often harmonizing assault of guitarists Wolf Hoffmann and Jorge Fisher on matching Flying V guitars!

Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music

These efforts led the band closer to mainstream success but at the expense of previous diehard fans who had supported their heavier approach.

Ultimately, the band took a bit of a break, with Udo releasing the solo album Animal House under the band name U. When Udo put together his own group and released his second solo album, Mean Machine, in , the rest of Accept sought a new frontman for the group and settled on American David Reese. The subsequent album, Eat the Heat , was in a much mellower direction for Accept.

After a few years of dormancy, the band members minus Jorge Fisher reunited in , releasing the album Objection Overruled.

Something of a return to form for the band, the album did well in Europe but failed to generate much interest in the States, where the rise of grunge had fairly well decimated the commercial potential of most metal bands.

Thanks to the title track, and the wide radio play it received, the album got to 17 on the U. Unfortunately, it was at this fortuitous time that the hard-charging, hard-living Scott found his own limits. Devastated, the band took time to mourn and assess their situation. Once the band decided to soldier on, however, they recruited ex-Georgie vocalist Brian Johnson. In retrospect, Johnson was a natural choice, given his raspy caterwaul and working-class demeanor.

The band stayed on a roll for the next few years. However, after the recording of Flick of the Switch , drummer Phil Rudd was sacked from the band.

Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music

In that they largely succeeded, and the album was in some ways a return to their rougher Scott days. Nonetheless, the album did less well than its predecessors, and the band began to experience a bit of a commercial decline, although they still sold well in the record stores and on tour. Producer and longtime fan Rick Rubin stepped in in to produce Ballbreaker, which proved to be something of a return to form for the band, both performance-wise and commercially. Upon its release, Ballbreaker went platinum within the year and went as high as number four on the U.

The band has since slowed its work schedule considerably, releasing Stiff Upper Lip in Perhaps the single most important hard rock band to come from the U.

After a drug-induced low-point in the early eighties at which point both Perry and Whitford had left the band , the group came back to their full commercial, if not creative, strength. Perry and Hamilton had played for four summers in the Jam Band, playing the blues-based rock of their day—Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin—when they met Tyler, who was fronting another local band.

After graduating from high school, Perry and Hamilton moved to Boston and hooked up with Tyler. Drummer Joey Kramer was soon enlisted, and the band started gigging around the Boston area.


After working a while with rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano, the band caught a performance by the band Justin Thyme featuring guitarist Brad Whitford. After polishing their act in the clubs and colleges of Beantown, the band secured a record deal with Columbia, who issued Aerosmith in Recorded quickly with producer Adrian Barber, Aerosmith was a serviceable if raw debut, but gave little indication of what the band would ultimately be capable of.

He then rerecorded the echoing sound back onto the track to simulate the sound of a concert arena.

The result was the hottest live track the band never recorded live. Supported with relentless touring, the album spent over a year on the charts. If Wings had kicked the band up a few notches from their debut, Toys certainly kicked it up a few more again. With Rocks in , the band continued their winning streak with another collection of great songs and performances. And rock Aerosmith did. With Toys and Rocks, Aerosmith had hit the big time and were experiencing both the prizes and the perils of stardom.

Drugs were one problem, and no one in the band seemed immune. As a result, tensions between band members, especially between Tyler and Perry, became strained.

All the same, the band marched on. Live Bootleg was released in and charted at number Holmes Band with Derek St. Holmes, former vocalist and guitarist with Ted Nugent. The band continued on, hiring guitarist Rick Dufay to replace Whitford and recording the album Rock in a Hard Place. The album only got as high as number 32, failing to even match the sales of Night in the Ruts. After two years, both Perry and Whitford had rejoined the band, and Aerosmith began an attempt to win back their reputation and status.

2012 in heavy metal music

Under their guidance Tyler, Perry, and eventually all of the band underwent rehab programs. The band then began collaborating with a number of outside songwriters, most notably Desmond Child and Holly Knight.

Keenly anticipated, the album debuted at number 1, but failed to stay there, quickly dropping off. Ashes Against the Grain , their most recent full-length album, is a fascinating blend of folk and heavy progressive black metal and one of the strangest metal albums ever released. Alabama Thunder Pussy are a country-tinged metal band from Richmond, Virginia, who mix a dose of southern rock, punk, and skuzzy and sleazy metal for a mixture not unlike the similarly named Nashville Pussy.

The band has gone through various members over the years, including three lead vocalists. Many bands try and rock old-school metal with southern style, but somehow Alabama Thunder Pussy pulls it off.

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River City Revival is the key record for fans new to the band. ATP demonstrate that the south has a lot to offer to the contemporary metal scene. Alcatrazz is perhaps best remembered as the group that launched shredmeister Yngwie Malmsteen into international prominence. Unfortunately, the album itself performed poorly, and after a hastily released live album, Malmsteen departed for a solo career.

Missing, however, was the songwriting element, and the album soon tanked, with Vai departing shortly after. The band soldiered on with ex-Derringer and Axis guitarist Danny Johnson taking over guitar duties. Unfortunately, the resulting album, Dangerous Games , did no better than its predecessors, and the band packed it in after a short tour. In , vocalist Bonnet put together a new lineup under the Alcatrazz banner and toured Japan, and were said to be recording a new album.

The use of alcohol is widespread in the metal community, which does not contain a large number of straight-edge subcultures as the punk community does. While there are numerous metal bands and personalities who do not drink Ted Nugent being the most prominent case or who used to and have tried to quit Ozzy Osbourne being another prime example , the frequent use of alcohol in the heavy metal community is the consequence of a variety of different factors.

In addition, many bands have songs that either mention alcohol or celebrate the virtues of heavy drinking and in many cases drug use as well. Most famously, Ted Nugent, one of the most opinionated men in music today and a metal icon, has for decades espoused a life free of drugs and alcohol along with the inclusion of plenty of hunting and meat eating. One pre-show ritual of many metal fans is to get as loaded as possible.

This is due, in part, to the overall rock-and-roll involvement with alcohol and drugs , as well as to several factors that are unique to heavy metal.

The idea of binge drinking before shows is not just a way in which fans prepare to enjoy a show more, but it is also a rite of passage in terms of masculinity, where fans can prove not just their ability to get wasted, but also to demonstrate their tolerance for alcohol consumption and in many cases drugs as well. The aim of this practice is to enhance the pleasure of the show much in the way that fans of the Grateful Dead and other jam bands try and plan their consumption of drugs to peak moments in the music.

Metal fans want to enjoy the show more, and by drinking, even to excess, not only has a point been proven about masculinity, but the show is presumably exponentially better due to alcohol consumption. This is not to suggest that female heavy metal fans do not consume alcohol. Many female metal fans can drink as much or sometimes more than male fans, but in terms of body weight and consumption, most women are physically incapable of consuming as much alcohol as men.

Also, many women do not drink the same kinds of drinks as men, such as the omnipresent beer readily available both in the parking lot of many events and often at the venue too, but prefer wine and other drinks.

Heavy metal fans do not differ radically from fans of other genres such as hard rock, but the reputation of many bands as having a fan base who are heavy drinkers, such as Motorhead, may encourage binge drinking or other forms of mass consumption around organized rituals such as concerts. Overall, the connection between heavy metal and fan consumption of alcohol is one that bears further investigation.

Source: Weinstein, Deena. New York: Da Capo Press, A few years later, in , using the Alice Cooper name, they settled in Detroit.PrefaceThe Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music was a daunting but enjoyable endeavorfor a multitude of reasons. The second part of the paper focuses on the artistic component of the music and provides an overview of social-ecological systems challenges that are relevant from the perspective of environmental sustainability.

The Blues. The result was the hottest live track the band never recorded live. He then rerecorded the echoing sound back onto the track to simulate the sound of a concert arena. Brian would also like to thank his family, wife Lisa, parents Joseph and Ann Cogan, brother Joe and sister-in-law Amy, and brother Sean, sister-in-law Diane, and nephews Cara and Gavin.

Nugent was a After two years, both Perry and Whitford had rejoined the band, and Aerosmith began an attempt to win back their reputation and status.