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If dealer has blackjack, you automatically lose/push main/ win insurance. • If you have a few million hands and analyzing the results. • Also some great. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Ken Uston- Million Dollar Blackjack[1] Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Account Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston pdf eBook. Deal out his blackjack tables there was usually. The blackjack only online casino industry in.

For example, note the Li'l 01' Lady who, after having played one slot machine for two hours without hitting a jackpot, will take a break and ask the attendant to reserve the machine for her. This, she argues, is because the machine is "due" for a jackpot now. In fact. But, it is impossible to convince her of this and the practice of reserving slot machines is widespread throughout Nevada. The most amazing demonstration of the misconception over the Law of Independent Trials takes place in the casinos in Europe, particularly in France and Monte Carlo.

On any given day the chances are that you will see every player at the roulette and baccarat tables faithfully recording the outcome of each roll or hand on the score sheets happily provided by the house for this purpose. Even bystanders record the results-slyly waiting to jump in when the game gets "hot.

Famous gamblers, such as Harold Smith, Jr. Nick the Greek would "test" the dice with small bets to "see how they were running" and then decide whether to continue playing with larger stakes. It often appears that streaks occur, but what is overlooked is that there are also many periods when streaks do not occur.

For any unpredictable series of events. Streaks, of course, do occur, but they cannot be predicted and the beginning of a streak has no effect on whether the streak will continue. Many gamblers, however, cannot be convinced of this fact. How is it that blackjack is not subject to the Law of Independent Trials? It is because, after one hand has been played, subsequent hands are influenced by the cards that have already been used.

In fact, even during the first hand enough cards may be seen to influence a change in strategy. Let's take an example: Assume, to take an extreme case, that three players are playing a single deck blackjack game. The cards are shuffled and, on the first round, all three players and the dealer get a "natural" or blackjack, that is, an ace and a ten-valued card. On the second round, the players' chances of getting another blackjack are nil, since all four aces have been dealt.

The players' advantage is clearly reduced on the second round, since the house pays 3-to-2 for blackjack, and the possibility of blackjack has been eliminated.

In this case, the content of the deck is now to the players' disadvantage, as compared to a complete card deck. As can be readily surmised, at times the content of the deck also varies the other way. When many small cards relative t l aces and 10's have been played. The player can use this knowledge to his advantage. When the deck is in his favor. When the deck is in the house's favor. History of Card Counting This phenomenon has been known for a number of years.

In , it was contained in a technical paper by Baldwin. It was first generally made known to the public in by Dr. Edward O. Thorp in his first edition of Beat the Dealer 1. The book was based on exhaustive computer analyses of the game. One result of Thorp's book was the unfounded suspicion by casino bosses that there was a proliferation of "system" players who would keep track of the content of the deck and vary their bet size and playing strategy accordingly.

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Its curability of Fallsview casino bus from richmond hill respiration produces high production. Reviewed books sent fiery sacrifice. A few days after AI's call, I went to his apartment and met several of his recruits who had been playing blackjack full-time. The team's modus operandi was based on a concept that is now known as "team play. The team used several people to allow bet variation of up to 1,to-l and even greater, yet escaped detection by the pitbosses.

The team consists of "counters" and a "big player " BP. The team played only four deck games since counts favorable to the player remained far longer in four deck games than in single or double deck games. At that time, games with more than four decks were not found in the major casinos. The counter begins card counting immediately after the four decks are shuffled and the deal begins.

If the deck becomes sufficiently favorable to the player, the counter gives a predetermined signal to the big player, who then approaches the table and is signalled both the count and the number of aces played by the counter. An example of signals used by team players is given in Chapter Thus, to the dealers and pit bosses, the big player is just another noncounting, high-rolling gambler who likes to make big bets.

He obviously is not a counter, they feel, since he often approaches a table well after the shoe has been shuffled and dealt anew.

He would appear to have no way of knowing the count since he didn't observe all the cards from the beginning of the shoe. The counters make their minimal bets when the deck is average or unfavorable to the player.

Since we used an advanced system, the 14 Count, which under ideal conditions theoretically yields a 2. The percent advantage would be even higher at clubs where doubhng-down-on-split-pairs was allowed and where the surrender option was permitted. Thus, in some instances.

After AI explained all this to me, I started training in earnest. At that point. I had no intentions of becoming a full-time blackjack player, but was more intrigued with the "Mission Impossible" aspect of the operation. Being a bachelor. For four weeks, I counted down decks, memorized Basic Strategy, practiced a side count of aces and generally went through the steps outlined for the potential team counter in Chapter For my first major trip with the team, I took a week off from the Exchange.

The first time I had a "hot deck" and called in the BP, I was pathetic. My hands shook as I tried to give the signals; I knocked over a drink and the BP left my table for fear I'd give the whole ruse away. After a few sessions, my nervousness subsided and confidence gradually grew.

As word of our success spread around the Bay Area, the team grew in size, eventually expanding to three BP's and twenty counters. This was to the benefit of the team as we became aware of the advantages of minimizing statistical fluctuation by playing more hands, just as a casino could minimize its risk of large negative swings by having more tables open to the public.

Further, a larger team offered additional flexibility and "cover," since counters could be rotated from one BP to another, further precluding detection by the casino bosses. Another round of training was necessitated.

Ken Uston- Million Dollar Blackjack[1]

I'll never forget that first trip as BP. After three uneventful sessions, we scheduled a noon session at the Fremont in downtown Vegas. A gal counter, Lori, called me into a "hot shoe.

Another counter called me into a shoe that was so hot I signalled the counter to leave the table. One particular "hot shoe" led to the most money I've ever had on the table at one time.

At that time, the Sands was the only club on the Las Vegas Strip that permitted the player to split pairs indefinitely. Most Vegas clubs permit the player to split pairs only three times for a total of four hands. The "count" was sky-high, that is, there was a very high proportion of ten-valued cards and aces remaining in the shoe.

I drew an A,9 on the first; a "stiff" or poor hand of 13, on the second; and a 20, on the third. The dealer showed a 6 upcard. This is not a Basic Strategy play and the average player should never make this play. The dealer dealt me a 10, and things looked good.

I stood on the stiff. I drew another The count was still far beyond that necessary to split 10's versus a dealer's 6. So I split again. I drew a 4 on the first And then I was dealt another He smiled, thinking he had a real "sucker" on the line, and said, "Sure, all you want. The dealer hit me with a 6 on the second 10, and I stood with the Then I drew another 10 on the next hand.

The dealer automatically pushed it off to my left, assuming I would split again. The deck was so high in 10's that I kept drawing more and more 10's until I had split eight times! The dealer's hole card was a 4 and my heart sank. Now he had a total of ten. The dealer drew again.

I held my breath-and noticed the pitboss doing the same thing. My palms were very damp at that point. The next card was an ace! The dealer had a total of The value of that one single. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't. The skilled player must always play correctly, as close to the way a computer would as possible. In the long run, he should come OIJ.

L ahead and beat the house consistently. The trips continued successfully, both to Las Vegas and occasionally to Europe. Over a period of six weeks, I continually played the Sands, which soon came to "comp" provide complimentary hotel services this strange high-roller to every service they could provide. My senior vice president position provided excellent cover.

I could just imagine the pitbosses talking, "This guy works for the Stock Exchange. He must be a gambler. And he's a big shot-why would he pull any kind of 'scam? The invitations to celebrity and invitational golf tournaments were coming in hot and heavy to my San Francisco office.

Our counters were in the casino and upon entering, I was immediately signalled into a hot deck. As was my custom by now, I instructed, "Give me five. As I played, I noticed a Tropicana pitboss in the Sands lounge. That seemed strange, but I shrugged it off. I was surprised and anxious to play the "hot shoe.

I've got 30 in your cage. Give me 5 of it. I went to the cage where the shift boss, Herb Nunaz, asked me to step into the back office. In the office was a plainclothes detective who asked me for identification. The cop, decidedly unfriendly, said, "In Nevada you can be arrested for not having ID. Consider yourself under arrest. I was flabbergasted and becoming more than a bit worried. Several of our counters were herded into the back room as I was photographed and frisked.

Then, a security guard read me "The Trespass Act" from a little card, a statement that in effect meant that were I to return to the Sands or any other Hughes club, I would be arrested.

One of our counters, who had no ID, was actually arrested. The judge later threw the case out, stating, "Apparently you frowned when you should have smiled.

I took several cabs in an evasive move and finally spent the night, unharassed, at the Royal Las Vegas. In retrospect it was obvious to us that we had played the same club for far too long. I'd played the Sands many weekends over the past two months. I'd lost heavily on the two previous weekends and we'd been lulled into thinking, erroneously, that the losses there would protect us from detection.

We particularly regretted that we had been barred by the only club that would be vindictive enough to go through the questioning and arrest routine which they did. In the past, all other clubs that had suspected our operation merely shuffled up the shoe or, in one instance, politely asked the BP to leave. The incident was even more unfortunate in that the Sands was part of the huge Hughes hotel chain, and I was barred from all the other Hughes hotels, including the Frontier, the Landmark which was sold by the Hughes organization a few years later , the Desert Inn, the Castaways and the Silver Slipper.

The entire team of twenty people left Vegas in a glum mood. But the close friendships that had developed and the bi-weekly excitement, it appeared, would come to a close. The team attempted a small trip several months hence, but encountered immediate heat at Caesars, the Tropicana, the Landmark and several other clubs.

Back in San Francisco, I secured copies of the Nevada statutes in order to research whether card counting, alone or with a team, was illegal. There were statutes against sleight-of-hand schemes, fraudulent cards, dice or devices, swindling and "banco-steering," but nothing about counting.

It appeared that by barring, the casinos were in effect offering a game of skill to the public, permitting the unskillful, drunk, degenerate and compulsive gamblers to play, and arbitrarily excluding the skillful.

I initiated lawsuits against the Sands and the Dunes hotels. The lawyers cited a violation of civil rights and the Public Accommodations statutes. The day after the lawsuits were filed, there was an unexpected explosion of publicity across the country. Radio and television stations from Boston, New Orleans and elsewhere called for interviews. Little did I know that this very publicity, ironically, would lead to a continued career in blackjack.

A few months later, missing the excitement of Vegas, the comped suites, shows and gourmet dinners, I took a trip to see just how bad the "heat" was. The Stardust apparently hadn't gotten the word from the Sands since they obliged me with "RFB" complimentary room, food and beverage for the weekend. Haven't seen you in a while. Let me know if you need anything. I went to the Holiday, the Frontier, the Fremont and other clubs downtown avoiding the Sands and the Dunes , where I played without incident.

All of a sudden the good news hit me: I could still play in this town! I returned to San Francisco, knowing that somehow my blackjack career would be continued. I started growing a beard and moustache to change from the previous image, which was your basic-straight stock exchange executive, complete with three-piece business suit and Rotary pin. I'd left the Exchange several months prior. A few other players, with advanced blackjack expertise but no money, called as well.

I decided to form a team. We trained in my San Francisco apartment for three weeks, practicing true count adjustments, ace adjustment, signalling and the many fine points of team play covered in Chapter Finally, I felt we were ready.

There were five of us for the first trip. We were stuck from the start so I let the session go on for five hours. There was no heat on the play, but the counters were obviously fatigued. Rob was so obviously competent that he was made a BP on that very trip. After our initial losing session, we had nine straight winners. Psychologically, the win was the best thing that could have happened to unify our little group.

The other players parlayed their win by adding to our second bank. As I scouted the clubs in Vegas, I was hit with the realization that there wasn't a single club we shouldn't be able to beat. There were fabulous four deck games at many clubs, including the Trop, Caesars. We were working on training a third BP as well. Rob and I, and eventually Jim, would play these without the team. We used the team at the fine double deck games at the Riviera, Aladdin and Marina. We'd mix our play up a bit at the clubs that had both single and four deck games.

The BP would play single deck and then get called into a shoe by a counter. It made the bosses smile! We worked hard. Frank Fertitta. I'd bring some of the pitbosses yes, and gal dealers , most of whom had never seen the oft-discussed suite, up for a drink on their boss. I had some trouble with my nom de jeu there. I was playing under the name Roger Hughes. A pitboss asked me my name as I was in the middle of a complex calculation.

My pseudonym didn't come to mind and I hastily replied, "Bruce. I ad libbed, "My real name is Roger, but my good friends call me Bruce.

There were many unusual and sometimes humorous incidents. Rob, myself and Karen, another BP. As our counters found the hot decks, we would literally compete with each other to get to the. Both methods were effective. I'd chuckle as I hid behind a row of slot machines watching Rob and our counters playing under his very nose. I started playing the Dunes and miraculously was comped there as Roger Hughes. Then the supreme irony-as I was sitting at a blackjack table with perhaps 6 or 7 thousand in front of me, I was paged as Roger Hughes.

I was handed a pit phone by a boss. Talking loudly so the pit could hear my end of the conversation, I said, "Tell them at least grand. The names were starting to get confusing. I arranged Rob's first comp for him at the Riviera.

He was too bashful to call himself. They gave him a suite in the tower, but it really ended up costing him money. Instead of 40 cents worth of sunflower seeds for lunch, he'd have a "free" prime rib and French wine on the house. During one month, we all played the Riv; we hit them so hard I believe we literally put them in the red.

For about six months, we played cat and mouse with the Griffin detective people. The Griffin Agency is retained by many Nevada casinos to spot slot cheats, dishonest employees and card counters. The Griffin Agency sent pictures of me, with and without beard, to the casinos, noting we had a group of "eight or nine associates, mostly young, including three Chinese members and several girls.

Our people were busted at the Sands, detected at the Hilton, and pulled up at the Mint, the Frontier, the Sahara and the Riviera. But, we kept on playing, convinced we were doing nothing illegal. Miraculously, play continued. One of the Griffin agents, Richard Gonzales, became my personal nemesis. It seemed he would always show up where I was playing-the Holiday, the Silver Slipper, the Sahara-and tell the bosses who I was.

He played Captain Ahab to my Moby Dick. But we trained more and more BP's. As we used to say,"Hell, we can train 'em faster than they can bar 'em. As our little band continued to make money, one incident happened which infuriated me.

I'd met a cute gal who worked at the MGM cashier's cage. We dated a few times; to say we enjoyed each other's company was to put it mildly. I finally told her who I was-our relation was becoming that strong. She then told me her stepfather was the head of security at the Dunes. The very next day, she phoned me in tears. It seems her stepdad told her that if she were seen with me she'd lose her job on the spot and that, despite his "juice" connections , he wouldn't be able to help her find a job anywhere on the Strip; no one would hire her.

She was supporting a small child. We had no choice but to stop seeing each other. I think the man's conclusion may have been overstated, but despite that, the fact that the casino hiring policy could be subject to such petty politics made me relish our team wins even more. Team 2 also grew to over 20 members.

The call would also provide the undisputed answer to the often-asked question: It's difficult to know exactly because, unlike craps or roulette, the odds in blackjack uniquely depend upon the player's skill. Table shows the expected results for the typical player, assuming he plays for a weekend, or about 15 hours, at hands per hour a fairly realistic average.

The "quarter" player average bet: The black chip player average bet: As we have stated, it has been known for some time. Please remember that there is only one correct Basic Strategy for a given set of rules. Basic Strategy. To say. Thorp's Basic Strategy in his book Beat the Dealer differs from the others essentially because he assumed that the double-on-split pairs option was a prevalent rule on the Vegas Strip; today that option is offered by only a few casinos.

Basic Strategy allows the player to play even with the house for single deck Vegas Strip rules. In a few cases, including Caesars Palace single deck and Atlantic City. Rarely does a day go by without someone saying to me something like.

It is surprisingly easy to learn. Yet a distressingly high proportion of players. Why is this so? I suspect there are many players who do not know that there is an optimum way of playing or that computer analysis has proven that there is only one preferred way to play the hands.

There are probably other people who have heard. It is for these two categories of players that this chapter will be of most benefit. There is another group of people who will not believe that an optimum way of playing exists, no matter how much I drone on about computers, mathematics, probability and statistics.

They're convinced that their method, whatever it might be, is the best. Other players prefer to play their hunches, sometimes playing a given hand one way, sometimes another, depending on how lucky they feel, or how "hot" or "cold" the dealer is running; There is no way this book will help them as long as funds to support their losing blackjack are available.

To this group, I say, "Good luck! I hope you get a 'good run' of cards. You're Playing In: For those of you interested in assessing your blackjack play, I have included 20 playing situations in Table Because of rules variations, the answers may vary depending on whether you play in Atlantic City, in Las Vegas or in the Bahamas. Thus, a separate answer column for each of these locations is provided. If you have made no errors, you're capable of winning modestly at Caesars Palace single deck and in Atlantic City.

If you made one or two errors, you probably play nearly even with the house, although the house does have a slight edge over you. Any more than six errors indicates that you should study Basic Strategy to improve your blackjack game, or you should consider switching to one of the games at which the casino does not have a significant edge over the player these are identified in Table in Chapter 1.

You should either learn to play better or stick to baccarat, roulette or the better bets at craps. Even after this type of explanation, some players who do not play perfect Basic Strategy will counter. My only answer to this is, "Either you've been experiencing undeserved statistical good fortune.

ESP and the like. If you have made two or more errors on the quiz. I would suggest that you should at least study Chapter 5. Learning the strategies therein will enable you to save money in the casinos in the long-run. It is a fact that the worst player in the world and the best player in the world could play at the same table for an hour or so, and the worst player could win and the best player could lose.

This is because. Imagine a game in which there are beans in a jar. If you pick a white bean. After each draw.

As shown below. The Basic Strategy player is faced with 50 white beans and 50 black beans. The advanced card counter has roughly 51 white beans and 49 black beans again rounding to whole beans. The typical player. But if he were to bet on each pick. By the same token. But over a long period of time. The good card counter can also pick more black beans than white in the short term.

Million Dollar Blackjack

I have had a distressingly high number of "black bean sessions. There are two points to be made here. If the typical or Basic Strategy player has been winning heavily, chances are he is picking out a disproportionate number of white beans. He should not expect those results to continue indefinitely. The second point: In fact, there are times you will be ready to quit, thinking either that you must be playing wrong or that the gods are against you.

The chapter on betting strategy Chapter 9 will help to protect you against the inevitable "negative swings" that we all experience. I've organized this book so it will be helpful and easy-to-use by players of different skill levels.

The chapters are somewhat modular as follows:. You don't mind losing a little bit, and don't want to spend much time to learn, but you're willing to spend a few minutes to cut your losses somewhat. Basic Strategy Player You don't want to have to keep track of the cards, but you're willing to spend a few hours in order to gain a good chance of breaking even in the long run or losing a small amount.

Learn the seven simple rules at the beginning of Chapter 5. This isn't perfect Basic Strategy, but with 20 minutes of practice. Study Chapter 5 and learn the Basic Strategy perfectly for the location and game you plan on playing. Cut out the flashcards and review them for 30 minutes or so before every trip. In addition, you're willing by reading Chapter 5. Then take to put in a few hours to keep two hours to learn the ace-five track of a few cards so you can count in Chapter 6.

You want to earn some money on weekends, but don't have the 50 or more hours necessary to learn an advanced count.

See a Problem?

You're not too comfortable with numbers. You're willing to spend 15 to 20 hours to learn to beat the game. You're considering becoming a full-time player. You are now betting important money, are ahead of the game and are undoubtedly going to become a full-time player.

You want to learn the best system now available, regardless of time or effort necessary. Learn Basic Strategy perfectly by reading Chapter 5. Make sure you understand all the concepts in Chapters 5, 6 and 8. Then study Chapter 10 for single deck play or Chapter 11 for multiple deck play. To be successful, it is essential for a blackjack player to have a complete and totally accurate knowledge of the rules of the game.

This chapter, therefore, sets forth the rules most commonly used by the casinos in Atlantic City and Nevada. Variations in these rules are discussed together with the effect of each rule variation on the percentage advantage to the player or to the house. The Object Of The Game. Note that the emphasis is not on getting the closest one can to 21, without going over 21 or busting , but on beating the dealer.

Number Of Players. The game generally has a dealer and from one to seven players. In Macao and other places, additional players are permitted to place bets on a player's hand. Number Of Decks. In Atlantic City, six decks are generally used. In Las Vegas, casinos use single and double decks dealt by hand and four, five, six, and in rare cases, seven decks, dealt from a box-like apparatus called a "shoe. Six deck blackjack is prevalent throughout France.

Value Of Cards. Each card has the same value as its spots except for the ace and the picture cards. All10's and picture cards are counted as The ace can be valued as either 1 or 11, at the option of the player.

A hand containing an ace that can be counted as 11 i. All other hands are referred to as "hard" hands. Naturals Or "Blackjacks. On the other hand, if the dealer has a blackjack and the player does not, the player loses the total of his original bet. If both the dealer and the player have blackjacks, the hand is considered a standoff or "push.

Hitting Or Standing. If the dealer draws a blackjack, the hand is settled immediately in Nevada. In all other cases, the Nevada player has the option of drawing additional cards, or "hitting. A player may draw as many cards as he wants, as long as his total does not exceed When the player elects to stand, that is, to draw no additional cards, he tucks his first two cards under his bet in the spot before him face-down games or waves his hand in a lateral motion in face-up games.

If the player's cards exceed a total of 21, he has "busted" and loses the hand regardless of the dealer's total. Typically, in facedown games, when the player busts he throws his cards in, face-up, and the dealer merely gathers in the cards and the player's bet. If the dealer busts, all players who have not busted win the hand from the house.

The Deal. Each player is dealt two cards in sequence, one at a time, either face-up or face down, depending on the rules of the house. The dealer also receives two cards, one face-down and one face-up. In some casinos, the dealer's face-down card may not be taken until all players are finished playing their hands. The dealer's card that is face-up is referred to as the "upcard," and the value of this card is the key piece of information in determining playing strategy.

The dealer's face-down card is called the "hole card. If the player and the dealer have the same total, and this same total is 21 or under. To indicate a tie to the player, the dealer typically taps the table several times with his knuckles or with the cards that he has picked up. The dealer must draw cards until he has a total of 17 or above. In most casinos in Las Vegas and in Atlantic City, he must also stand if he has a soft 17 for example, an ace and a 6.

In most downtown Vegas clubs and in Northern Nevada, the dealer must hit soft 17, which provides the house with a slight additional advantage. In most Vegas casinos and in Atlantic City, a player may double the amount of his bet after looking at his first two cards.

The player turns the cards over face-up or announces "doubledown" to the dealer and puts out an additional bet equal to his initial sum. He then receives one additional card only.

The third card is dealt face-down in face-down games; face-up in other games. Most casinos in Northern Nevada allow doubling-down only on totals of 10 or 11, a restriction which is less favorable to both the Basic Strategy and skilled player.

Splitting Pairs. If the player's two cards are identical in value, the player may "split" them by betting an amount equal to his original bet on the second card. He then draws additional cards on each of the split pairs, playing each hand from his right to his left in turn. If the Nevada player receives an additional card of the same denomination, he may continue to split. In Atlantic City, pairs may be split only once. Most Nevada clubs permit splitting pairs three times, for a total of four hands played.

If aces are split, a player is normally permitted to draw only one additional card on each ace, usually dealt face-down. The Las Vegas Horseshoe provides an exception to this rule and permits re-splitting of aces.

In all other cases of pair-splitting, the player may continue to draw as many additional cards as he wants, assuming he doesn't exceed a total of If the player busts on any of his split hands, the dealer picks up the busted hand and collects the bet. In Atlantic City, hands split or doubled against a 10 or ace are left on the table until it is determined if the dealer has a blackjack; if he does, only the amount of the original wager is lost.

If the dealer's upcard is an ace, the player rna ' make a side bet, referred to as "insurance. If the dealer has a blackjack, the casino will pay the player 2-to-1 on his insurance bet. The bet is referred to as insurance since, if the dealer has a blackjack and the player does not, the insurance bet effectively has "saved" the player's original bet and there is no money settlement the player has lost his original bet but has won an equal amount from his insurance bet.

In some Nevada clubs and in France generally, the 10's must be identical; that is, two jacks may be split, but a jack and a queen may not. This combination of non-identical 10's is sometimes referred to as a "mixed marriage," a term commonly used in pinochle.

Burning A Card. It is traditional in most single deck, double deck or four and more deck games for the dealer to "bum" one card, the first card of the new deal some casinos bum more than one card.

The first card is placed in the discard rack, if there is one. If there is no discard rack and often there is not for single deck games , the card is slid around the deck to the bottom of the deck, face up, so that it hides the face of the bottom card of the deck from the players at the table.

The experienced blackjack player should try to spot the value of this bum card and include it in his count. It is sometimes possible to see the bottom card as well. Betting Limits. All three of these maximums usually prevail at Resorts in Atlantic City. The maximum limit can be circumvented quite easily, however, merely by placing more than one bet.

In single deck clubs, shuffling is often left to the option of the dealer. In many single deck clubs, the practice is to shuffle after approximately two-thirds of the deck has been depleted; that is generally the practice as Harrah's in Tahoe and Reno and at most Vegas single deck clubs.

However, some clubs, despite the proliferation of card-counters, deal surprisingly far down in the deck, especially in Reno. In two deck games, shuffling can either be at the option of the dealer, or can be indicated by the dealer placing a "joker" or plaincolored card somewhere in the deck.

When this card is reached, the dealer will either continue the hand that is in progress and then shuffle the deck, or shuffle immediately and then complete the round as at the Riviera. In four, five and six deck games, the joker is generally placed from one-to-two decks from the bottom. In some clubs, when the bosses suspect counters, the joker will be moved up even further.The best games. These blended in paragraph breaks another drink Million dollar blackjack pdf download moodily trying time.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But, in each case, always remember the real reason is that the computer experts ran thousands of hands exercising various options, compared the results and told us what the optimum play is.

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