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The behavior depends on the field being processed. The articles differ by language. By default, calibre uses a combination of articles from English and whatever language the calibre user interface is set to. In addition, in some contexts where the book language is available, the language of the book is used.

For example, to use German, set it to 'deu'. A value of None means the user interface language is used. This must be a full path to the folder. If the folder does not exist when calibre starts, it is ignored. This tweak is only applicable if metadata management is set to automatic. Collections on Sonys are named depending upon whether the field is standard or custom. A collection derived from a standard field is named for the value in that field.

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For example, if the standard 'series' column contains the value 'Darkover', then the collection name is 'Darkover'. A collection derived from a custom field will have the name of the field added to the value. For example, if a custom series column named 'My Series' contains the name 'Darkover', then the collection will by default be named 'Darkover My Series '. For purposes of this documentation, 'Darkover' is called the value and 'My Series' is called the category.

If two books have fields that generate the same collection name, then both books will be in that collection.

This set of tweaks lets you specify for a standard or custom field how the collections are to be named. You can use it to add a description to a standard field, for example 'Foo Tag ' instead of the 'Foo'. You can also use it to force multiple fields to end up in the same collection.

There are two related tweaks. The first determines the category name to use for a metadata field. The second is a template, used to determines how the value and category are combined to create the collection name.

It uses the same template language as plugboards and save templates. This tweak controls how the value and category are combined together to make the collection name.

I want nothing in the parenthesis. You can indicate which metadata is to be used to sort on a collection-by-collection basis.

The format of the tweak is a list of metadata fields from which collections are made, followed by the name of the metadata field containing the sort value. If a collection metadata field is not named, then if it is a series- based collection it is sorted by series order, otherwise it is sorted by title order.

The syntax is [ [list of fields], sort field , [ list of fields ] , sort field ] Default: empty no rules , so no collection attributes are named.

Controls what fields are displayed when clicking the "Search" button in the browser to search your calibre library. The value [] means no entries.

Each sort level adds a performance penalty. If the database is large thousands of books the penalty might be noticeable. If you are not concerned about multi- level sorts, and if you are seeing a slowdown, reduce the value of this tweak. When sorted, all the fields are used, regardless of what is displayed.

Set this tweak to True to use only the fields that are being displayed. Colors within this distance are considered equal. The distance is in absolute intensity units. Default is per column. This might be useful if you run calibre in English but want sorting to work in the language where you live. Set the tweak to the desired ISO language code, in lower case. If True, then the fields are laid out using two columns. If False, one column is used.

The columns listed in the tweak are displayed first and in the order provided. Any columns not listed are displayed after the listed ones, in alphabetical order. Do note that this tweak does not change the size of the edit widgets. Putting comments widgets in this list may result in some odd widget spacing when using two-column mode.

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Default is: 5 minutes Setting it to lower may cause the server's SPAM controls to kick in, making email sending fail. Changes will take effect only after a restart of calibre. You can also change the list of hosts that calibre considers to be public relays here.

Any relay host ending with one of the suffixes in the list below will be considered a public email server. By changing this tweak, you can control where it is sent. Valid values are "main", "carda", "cardb". Note that if there isn't enough free space available on the location you choose, the files will be sent to the location with the most free space. However, doing this has various bugs, for instance the minimum width of the toolbar becomes twice what it should be and it causes other random bugs on some systems, so turn it on at your own risk!

By setting this to False you can prevent calibre from saving the original file. Control how many should be shown, here.

Michael Ornetzeder

Set it to a positive or negative number to increase or decrease the font size. If multiple formats are available, calibre will offer you a choice of formats, defaulting to your preferred output format if it is available. Despite winning a Michelin star, the restaurant struggled to make a profit—in part due to its slightly out-of-the-way location in a warehouse-style building off Mare Street.

Ed Thaw joined head chef Sam Kamienko and sommelier Jack Lewens as a partner in the restaurant six months after it opened. Not only did Ellory lack foot traffic, its interior was less than inviting: an austere room with sparsely decorated tables and concrete floors.

The way that Sam [Kamienko] cooks is a lot more warm and nourishing anyway. For Thaw and the team, this was another nail in the coffin. Ah, we almost made money, maybe next week. Waiters were walking around the dining room in trainers. We deliberately made a point of not doing things that really fuck us off about those type of restaurants.

With large windows and a prominent position on a street corner, the space was also a complete aesthetic departure. Ed Thaw stands outside Leroy, the Ellory team's new restaurant. Photo courtesy Leroy.

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On the day I visit, the dining room is filled with morning light, and Thaw points out the illustrations of people enjoying wine that decorate the walls. Earlier this month, it regained its Michelin star. When I ask Thaw what he thinks is the biggest threat to independent restaurants, he answers right away. In its research on restaurants in the capital , Cedar Dean Group found that restaurateurs are spending an average of 21 percent of their turnover on rent, up from 16 percent last year, and far beyond the recommended 12 percent that enables a business to make a profit.

Prosser also sees rent as an issue for restaurant owners, but thinks that local authorities should do more to help, such as by stopping property developers from hiking the rents of small business owners who add value to an area.

This has been particularly bad in Soho, with rents rising as much as 50 percent in recent years and forcing many historic bars and restaurants to close. ACV [Asset of Community Value, a building protected by the council for its services to the local area] is a big part of that. One of our partners, Andy Bird, had the first ACV on a pub , and it prevents the pub from being changed from use.

The cost pressures are not going away. Prices have gone up and are staying up. Figures from the Office of National Statistics also show signs of EU workers leaving Britain in the wake of the Brexit vote, resulting in staff shortages in hospitality—an industry that has long relied on migrant workers.

Harneet Baweja has also had problems with finding staff. They both closed in July of this year. But when I speak with him about the closures now, he also mentions staffing issues. Gunpowder head chef Nirmal Save. Photo courtesy Gunpowder. Due to the financial uncertainty that would follow a no-deal Brexit, investors are reluctant to part with their money—particularly to a venture as risky as a restaurant. Earlier on, you could make an effort as a husband and wife or a couple of friends; you could put up a nice bar or a restaurant.

You need to be backed by someone.

Ellory became Leroy.With large windows and a prominent position on a street corner, the space was also a complete aesthetic departure. Putting comments widgets in this list may result in some odd widget spacing when using two-column mode.

Bad Sports, a bar and taqueria in East London that opened in November and closed at the beginning of this year. For example, in the sphere of niche sports the new video- and camera-equipment can help to economize resources those as missing stands at events.

Taking a large wave over the transom could flood the boat, but riding a sea that lifts the transom could, in combination with your engine, push the bow under the back of the wave ahead, causing the boat to spin sideways broach or even flip stern over bow pitchpole.

Throttling down to meet an oncoming sea and then slightly up to power through can maximize efficiency upwind in large seas. Your wake or a following sea could flood the boat if you slow or stop suddenly.