To my grandmother, Mildred Berry, whose constant devotion to the memory of my grandfather taught me what true love real. Stephanie Laurens The Elusive Bride The Black Cobra Quartet Contents Prologue Ul-ul-ul-ul-ul!” One What the?” Gare. The Elusive Flame by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss; 5 editions; First Borrow · DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY).

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Get Instant Access to PDF File: #aab Elusive Flame (Birmingham Book 3) By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss [PDF EBOOK EPUB site]. download kathleen woodiwiss the elusive flame in ebook format. kathleen woodiwiss the elusive flame is available at in . Read "Elusive Flame" by Kathleen E Woodiwiss available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A woman in desperate straits.

Tits which they could quite easily get elsewhere and for a helluva lot less trouble.

You're hysterically emotional, angry and wanting to get back at a man - though your situation probably isn't his fault he's probably not helping by being all sexy and domineering - so you run out the door into the stormy night and for whatever reason, he can't catch you in time. Romance version: you collapse fitfully after a couple of hours where the beautiful male protagonist agonizes over your health, self-flagellates himself for goading you into this position and cares for you himself for the many days it takes you to recover.

Real life: You run off into the storm. You trudge through the woods for a while because you really don't know what else to do. You've already made your point that you are unhappy but your threat and actions are pretty pointless because you have no where to go, no method to get there and it would only embarrass both yourself and your partner if you turned up at a random person's house seeking shelter and help.

Eventually, because it's highly unlikely that anyone has yet tracked down your exact location, you turn around and head home. Embarrassed and ashamed for acting like a two-year old, things only get worse when everyone realizes you've returned. Nobody lets you arrive gracefully. You've worried them unnecessarily and caused them to heave their butts out on a dark, cold, stormy night when they'd rather be in bed.

Your name is mud and you've lost any credibility and respect you had. It sucks. It's a terrible plot device! What makes it worse is what it says about women and how it reflects society's view of women. There's a perception that women are overly emotional and lack rationality and the ability to behave logically. In fact, the word "hysterical" derives from the greek word for women's genitalia think: hysterectomy.

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Hysteria was a medical diagnosis made and was related only for women. Men don't get hysterical, you see. Only us flighty women. And we become hysterical because there's something wrong with our women parts. There can't be something wrong with our brains because they're too small and pathetically unused.

In fact, we have hysteria to thank for the invention of the dildo. Doctors decided that the cure for hysteria was the didle or a special kind of "pelvic message" that would bring about "hysterical paroxysms" read: orgasms. Ever heard a man talk about an uptight or emotional woman and remark that she just needed to get laid?

Or seen something similar in a movie? Yeah, that concept has been around for a while by a while - I mean like the 5th century BCE. Takes the modern minds of the Victorian men, however, to figure that instead of telling her husband to give her some TLC - they'd just grab a rubber cock instead - because that's totally going to fix all her problems. Well, I have a problem, and it's that the behaviour of these female protagonists almost back these Victorian Douchebags up by behaving like irresponsible lunatics while the male protagonist, remaining clear-headed and logical, has to get her out of her "hysteria" and then patch her up when her flight-of-fancy has left her bedridden for three days.

The most absolutely disgusting part? He doesn't even respect her enough to hold her accountable for her actions or ask her to apologize for hurting him and causing him to worry.

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The Elusive Flame pdf epub

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Elusive Flame

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Thunder and Roses. Fast Burn. Lori Foster. An Irresistible Alliance.The sitting room would no longer be imbued with the lilting strains of melodies which Cerynise had sung while Lydia played the pianoforte. Set in England and the Carolinas, it's a bit more politically correct than the earlier book. Never once have I had an argument with my husband and decided that subjecting myself to a crazy storm was preferable to sticking around and torturing him with mean glares and silent treatment.

Jason: She was overwrought with emotions and ran out into the storm which is a metaphorical symbol for her life and feelings in general. Shirlee Busbee.