The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle McDonald. 93 Pages·· KB· Downloads. rapid weight/fat loss and crash dieting, I imagine all. While eve care was taken during the production or this MagBook, the uoilshers cannot be held Mens Fitness The Ultimate. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting. How to lose pounds of fat and pounds of weight in 2 weeks. Lyle McDonald.

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The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is a scientific approach to quick weight loss that . “I downloadd Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook in hopes of losing a few . The Hardcopy + PDF bundle comes with a physical copy of the book along. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle McDonald. snandhni. Views. 4 years ago Rapid Weight Loss With 2 Week Diet. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook-McDonald - dokument [*.pdf] The Rapid Fat of fat and pounds of weight in 2 weeks Lyle McDonald With.

Recognizing that people need or simply want to lose weight and fat rapidly, I set out to develop the safest, most effective way of accomplishing that goal. I based the program around the idea of creating a diet that would provide the fewest calories possible while still providing all of the essential nutrients required by the body: This provides simply the safest and sanest way to lose fat quickly without sacrificing health or muscle mass.

Every aspect about how to set up the diet is laid out in a step by step form and the diet is based around whole foods that can be found at any market. Guidelines are provided for when to take them, how to use them, etc. In addition, guidelines for moving back to maintenance, as well as for using the program to transition into a more moderate fat loss diet are provided in detail.

Specific training guidelines are also provided in order to provide the best results with the least time investment. Quite in fact, for the extremely overweight, no exercise is actually required to reap the benefits of the program. The book provides specific recommendations for everyone from beginners to advanced trainees for both resistance training and aerobic activity in terms of how often and how much will provide the best results.

This is included with your download as a digital download. Introduction Chapter 1: Just how quickly? Chapter 2: When is a crash diet appropriate?

Chapter 3: Basic nutrition overview Chapter 4: Nutrient Metabolism Overview Chapter 5: An Overview of the Diet Chapter 6: Estimating body fat percentage Chapter 7: Exercise Chapter 8: Setting up the diet Chapter 9: Metabolic slowdown and what to do about it Chapter Free meals, refeeds and diet breaks Chapter Ending the Diet — Introduction Chapter Moving to Maintenance: Non-counting Method Part 1 Chapter Non-counting Method Part 2 Chapter Calculation method Chapter Back To Dieting Appendix 1: BMI and Body fat charts.

On average, caloric intakes on this diet will come out to between to calories per day coming almost exclusively from protein. For those of you familiar with ketogenic low- carbohydrate, high-fat diets, a PSMF is essentially a ketogenic diet without the dietary fat. Obviously, this will represent a fairly large caloric deficit; how large depending on your starting body weight and activity levels.

So with all of that in mind, you may still be wondering what you can expect in terms of true fat loss per week. A pound male with normal activity patterns may have a maintenance requirement of about calories per day. The true fat loss will be lower because of various inefficiencies and the slowdown of metabolic rate which can start after only days of severe caloric restriction.

A larger individual, say pounds, may have a maintenance caloric requirement near 3, calories per day.

Females or lighter individuals with their generally lower maintenance caloric requirements will lose less. The diet did not disappoint, in just 10 days I lost 7. I am well aware of the nutritional needs of humans, and nearly every theory of dieting ever advanced. In addition, and more importantly, after just one month on the diet, markers of health…blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides, among others…all went from really REALLY horrid to just about perfect.

Truly amazing. I synopsized the diet for him so it was easy-to-read, is all. And it should go without saying that I set up my Rapid Fat Loss diet program correctly. The diet did not disappoint, in just 10 days I lost 7.

Additional information

I am well aware of the nutritional needs of humans, and nearly every theory of dieting ever advanced. In addition, and more importantly, after just one month on the diet, markers of health…blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides, among others…all went from really REALLY horrid to just about perfect.

Truly amazing. Looking for a fast and easy way to lose weight?

There are plenty of so-called crash diets, but only one diet rooted in science and physiology allows you to do so safely without losing precious muscle mass and slowing down your metabolism — the Protein Sparing Modified Fast PSMF. In The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, Lyle McDonald has distilled this method with decades of research behind it into practical guidelines, with easy-to-understand categories depending on your starting point in bodyfat , weight and fitness level.

You will learn how to set up the diet, implement free meals and refeeds to not only maintain metabolism but also make the diet easier to follow. Follow the guidelines in this book, where Lyle even provides you with free online resources on how to set up meal plans and an exercise program, and you will lose a lot of fat in a very short time while preserving muscle mass and strength. Borge Fagerli aka Blade — Norway. Let me introduce myself: But I believe in science and evidence.

Lyle is a pioneer and one of the absolute best sources of science-based diet information in the industry. Are You Ready Now? You will NOT receive download links but should be redirected to a registration page for access to your files. Some people seem to NOT be getting sent to that page if they are ordering on their phone. If that happens please contact me and I can get you added to the member database.

Also note that you may receive an autoresponder saying that you are being sent print books. This is incorrect. This is a digital download ONLY.

Thank you! Crash dieting is not new. And all were set up simply horribly.

Even if they worked in the short-term they did nothing but set the dieter up for a huge rebound weight gain when they were done. The science I showed you above finds, there are good and bad ways to crash diet and most of them are bad. Set up correctly, rapid fat loss diets can be safe, effective and work BETTER in the long-run than more moderate approaches. Now I had many goals for my Rapid Fat Loss diet but three of the main ones were that it had to:.

Strength and Nutrition Coaching to Help You Find Your Fit

The Truth About Crash Dieting. And in the long run, the truth works better than the converse. You may have some issues with hunger and it can be a little bit boring.

But you know at this point that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.

First Things First

My program takes some work but I can promise you that it does work. I already told you a little bit about what the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Program can provide in terms of results. It will do this while sparing the loss lean body mass, so critical not only to maintaining metabolic rate by also to looking good.

As I mentioned, it also does this while ensuring complete nutrition for good health. I also showed you clinical research indicating that faster initial weight and fat loss is actually superior in terms of long-term weight losses but only if things are set up a certain way.

In contrast, diets that were based around whole foods, included exercise, and worked at re-training people to eat in a better way were the ones that not only worked best in the short-term but also gave dieters the best long-term results.

The Rapid Fat Loss Program. First and foremost, the diet is based around whole foods. Finally, by basing the diet around a healthy core of foods lean proteins, vegetables, essential fats , the Rapid Fat Loss diet gives you a baseline eating pattern to add to in the long-term. Just like the science shows is optimal. If nothing else you will always come out of one of my books having learned something new and hopefully useful.

I am amazed at how this program worked for me. Unlike most programs that tell you how to lose weight, RFH also devotes several chapters about how to maintain your weight.

Tsoi — Houston, Tx. Thank you so much for writing your book. Like many others I took things to the extreme and could not maintain. I completed banned all carbs, even some good ones.

Thanks to your advice I have successfully lost 22 pounds in 2 weeks. My water retention, high blood pressure is down and my glucose is in balance. The two regular meals on Sat and Tuesday with exercise a few times a week really help keep me on track. I feel this is a lifestyle I can enjoy permanently. And just about every diet can claim that they take off the weight quickly or easily.

But what good is that if you just end up gaining back all the weight and sometimes more?

And I spent as much time in the Rapid Fat Loss handbook telling you how to rapidly lose weight and fat as I do to helping you maintain those losses in the long-term. The Science of Flexible Dieting.

For years, dieters have been told, or at least, believed that the more extreme and more restrictive their diet, the better off they would be. In recent years, researchers have delineates what they call rigid and flexible dieters. And in study after study, flexible dieters have been found to have less problems with overeating in general, binge eating, food cravings and other negative eating behaviors.


As well, flexible dieters end up weighing LESS than their rigid counterparts. As researchers CF Smith and colleagues wrote in the paper Flexible vs. Rigid dieting Strategies: Relationship with Adverse Behavioral Outcomes published in the prestigious journal Appetite in Which is a scientific way of saying that more flexible dieters had less problems with overeating, weighed less and had lower levels of depression and anxiety than the rigid dieters.

And this is important because….

The book details the use of free meals single meals that allow foods not otherwise allowed on the diet , refeeds short periods of high-carbohydrate eating to help reset metabolism and even full 2 week diet breaks taken to stabilize at the new weight and give dieters a mental break. The full two-week diet breaks comes, once again, out of research. In that study, subjects were placed on a diet and then told to take a break for 2 weeks; the researchers wanted to see what happened when the subjects broke their diet to track how and why people regain weight.

Unfortunately, they failed in their goal; rather they found that people who were given a controlled break from dieting gained only a small amount of weight and had little to no problem going back on their diet after the break. I actually found the topic of Flexible Dieting so fascinating that I wrote an entirely separate book titled A Guide to Flexible Dieting science, not book titles, is my strength about it.

But mine was the first. You might be interested to learn that…. Just as part of a complete package. Here are some of the things people are saying about A Guide to Flexible Dieting.

Lyle consistently delivers: This is a terrific dare I say it? Lifestyle book. It is less about one particular way of dieting though it covers several methods than about how to maintain weight loss and health for life. I would consider it absolutely a must-have for anyone concerned with fitness and weight loss.

And no other diet allowed me to eat the foods that I enjoyed and lose weight. This book helps you to figure out how to eat while losing, maintaining or gaining without getting into the minutia that other plans do.And just about every diet can claim that they take off the weight quickly or easily. Thank you! I just fed most of it to friends and family. Studies Page 8 http: Your email address will not be published.

Are you an athlete who needs to make a weight class without losing muscle or performance, or a physique athlete who is behind on their preparation and needs something that works quickly to get back on track?

All I craved was a bowl of oatmeal and one perfect piece of fruit. I am excited to see what the next 6 weeks will bring. Anybody who is losing a consistent. Of course the diet is based around almost nothing but lean protein, I'm going to allow a very small controlled amount of vegetables for roughage and actually recommend that the fish oils that are so crucial in the Rapid Fat Loss program be eliminated.