WARMACHINE. CREATED & DESIGNED BY. Matthew D. Wilson. LEAD DESIGNER & DEVELOPER. Jason Soles. ADDITIONAL DEVELOPMENT. David Carl. In WARMACHINE, the very earth shakes during fierce confrontations where WARMACHINE Prime: Mk II is the core rulebook for the second edition of the. miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II thrusts you into this war-ravaged world with: ™.

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Warmachine - Prime reffirodonverm.ga - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Prime MK II, a supplement for the. Hordes Primal Mk II - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Hordes rulebook for mk2 enjoy! War Machine Prime MkII. WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II. 26 Gallery. few trades are more Above all.. warjack. The shadowy Four Star of the Searforge Commission form a wall of iron that.

Ordinarily the heavy could He looked up to see Caine had one of his Spellstorm pistols have endured a number of such blows. MacBain could see that a number of the into the Mule. Behind him his remaining men were also its fray with the Hunter and finally finished the larger alive. Coughing and bloody. Its eyes dimmed.

MacBain heaved against a metal panel that had fallen at an angle to shield him and his men and with a back-straining push managed to knock it and the stones above it out of the way. He had barely unleashed this energy when the roof collapsed and buried them in rubble.

Soon enough Caine Khadoran Winter Guard were being marched at gunpoint and the Grenadiers added their own fire. This freed up Several of the Cygnarans were gathered to watch.

Caine observed. Clearly the heavy armor. MacBain nodded calmly. MacBain smiled as he let one hand off his sword and raised Something relented slightly in that steely look.

We both lost mage often enough to know it was when he was in this sort men. MacBain had invoked this particular enchantment on himself even as the building had collapsed. He sighed in satisfaction and then replaced the cap.

It might be He grinned as he handed it to the other warcaster. He eyed the offer any bonus for killing Cygnaran warcasters. So pistol. The mercenary lowered the point of his sword but kept it in hand.

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But you need to of mood that he was most dangerous. He tossed it underhanded help but laugh.

I could have killed you Sergeant Giles hastened to pick up the dented metal flask. He pulled the trigger. I forgot about that little trick. There was a click as its firing mechanism worked.

No blasting powder ignited. Syndicate loyalties are bought with gold coin and bound Mercenary forces under the Highborn Covenant serve six with iron promises of retribution.

Piper of Ord. As time has passed with no sign of restoring Llael. Any who hire their to eight months. While one player may and with enough coin one can download an army. Tempest Gun Mage unit or Long Gunner unit. Supported with warjacks controlled of these efforts. Without this mercenary army. On the other hand. While the Highborn Covenant has the of armaments. The Highborn Covenant ensures that they make use of its battles to further their criminal empires. It pays well. To field a mercenary army.

The mercenaries of the Iron Kingdoms may be a diverse lot. This Special Rules unit is considered to be a friendly Mercenary unit None. After all. The Star Syndicate fills its own pockets through daring raids Highborn Covenant contract represents the most coherent overland and at sea. In addition to the guidelines presented in a contract or mercenary contracts provide the powerful and Theme Force.

Though composition rules. Taryn di la Rovissi. Gorman di Wulfe. The Montador of the Calamitas. To that end it coordinates the company in western Immoren and offer their services at actions of mercenary groups and assigns forces to escort quite reasonable rates.

The Searforge Commission The Talion Charter Fighting in the south has allowed the Rhulfolk to stay The Talion Charter originally set out the terms and apprised of the ongoing struggles in wars abroad as well conditions for the crew of the Talion. Clan Searforge is one of the wealthiest powerful and well-armed pirates and privateers.

Precursor Knights. It has been expanded wars. These formidable individuals have proven clan. Rhupert Dogs. Tier 4 Tier 2 Requirements: The army includes two Arcane Tempest Requirements: The army includes Anastasia di Bray and Gun Mage units.

Madelyn Corbeau. Rutger Shaw. Add a unit attachment to one Arcane Tempest Gun Benefit: You can redeploy solos after both players have Mage unit free of cost. Taryn di la Rovissi Tier 1 Tier 3 Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above.

Captain Anastasia di Bray. The restrictions. They are more than willing to shed blood and even engage kingdom Army Composition military forces toe-to-toe to protect their interests. These units are considered to be friendly Mercenary Deployment. Tier 2 Requirements: The army can include only the models Requirements: Add a unit attachment to one Hammerfall High Benefit: Tier 4 Requirements: Fiona can still Benefit: The Benefit: All units in the army are cultists.

The army includes four or more units. Fiona does not pay focus to upkeep these spells Tier 2 during your first turn. These spells and their of how many are in her proximity. Mercenary Thamarite solos. This unit attachment Advance Deployment. Sea Dog Crews. This army includes two or more Sea Dog Crew units. Doc Killingsworth. This army includes four or more units. Stannis Brocker. Thor Steinhammer Tier 1 Tier 3 Requirements: These spells and their targets must be declared before either player sets up Benefit: Reduce the point cost of character units in this models.

Captain Sam Bailoch. Tier 2 Tier 4 Requirements: The army includes two or more Steelhead Requirements: Rhulic Mercenary units Ogrun Bokurs. Steelhead units. Thor Steinhammer Tier 1 Benefit: Alexia Ciannor Alten Ashley. This army includes two Horgenhold Forge more heavy warjacks.

Guard units. Gudrun the character heavy warjacks Wanderer. Orin Midwinter. Before the start of the game but after both players Requirements: The army includes four or more solos. Reduce the point cost of each Renegade warjack Benefit: Kell warjacks units. Small-based Steelhead units gain Advance Move. These spells and their targets must be declared before either player sets up models. Wreck markers cannot instead of a Cygnar unit and can include attachments.

The redeployed models must be placed on the table in a location they could have been deployed initially.

Steelhead Gorman di Wulfe. Steelhead solos Tier 1 Tier 3 Requirements: Orin Midwinter.. The army includes two or more Steelhead units. Greygore Boomhowler Bailoch. Reduce the point cost of each Mangler warjack by 1. This unit is considered to be a friendly Mercenary unit instead of a Cygnar unit and can include attachments. The army includes two or more Idrian Skirmisher units. Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed.

Tier 1 Tier 3 Requirements: This army includes Master Gunner Dougal listed above. This army includes two or more Press Requirements: Press Ganger units gain Stealth during the first Benefit: The army includes The Commodore listed above. This army includes Mr. The Charter was adopted in its in the Iron Kingdoms has created modern form around the same time as the Corvis Treaties. War is so ubiquitous in treat employers, civilians, opposing and allied militaries, the Iron Kingdoms it is only natural that a certain breed prisoners, and other mercenary companies.

It offers of men and women approach it like any other trade. These rules for claiming territory, dividing loot, and ransoming are the mercenaries, soldiers of fortune generally loyal prisoners and lays out what constitutes open rebellion and only to the paymaster currently filling their pockets. The what orders a company-for-hire can lawfully disobey such Iron Kingdoms have been wracked by border disputes, as the slaughtering of noncombatants. Every company skirmishes, civil insurrections, invasions, and outright is obliged to state its allegiance to the Charter in order to warfare since the dawn of history.

Mercenaries have been solicit employment. Companies or individuals deemed leaving an indelible mark on the Iron Kingdoms since the earliest days of the Warlord Era, when rival priest-kings in egregious breach of the rules of Charter can suffer hired mercenary bands to make war with their enemies and legal and even military retaliation, and what was once defend their lands against marauding Molgur tribes.

The a proud mercenary company becomes little more than early civilized settlements were often outnumbered, and a band of brigands or outlaws.

The bounties offered for the warlords and priest-kings of the era were not above these criminals can serve as an incentive for other, once- hiring additional soldiers to ensure their survival. Most competing companies to hunt them, if the matter does not early mercenary outfits were little more than tribal bands rise to the level of warranting direct military intervention. As warring lords began to consolidate their power across Most nations consider it a matter of policy never to employ the continent, standing armies began to replace levies raised those who violate the Charter, although times of extended for a single conflict.

Both regular armies and the mercenary war bring inevitable corruption and can prompt individual bands that served alongside them became more extensive paymasters to ignore this stipulation.

The Charter is and better organized. These lesser charters would have triumphed over the savages besetting them define the specific kinds of contracts a company will accept without the assistance of sell-swords.

The defeat of the and the types of warfare they are willing to engage in. Molgur tribes paved the way for the birth of the Thousand The arrival of the Orgoth disrupted life for nearly everyone Cities Era, a golden age for mercenaries, when countless city- in western Immoren.

While the mercenary tradition did states warred among themselves to extend their influence not go entirely extinct, most war profiteering died out. The across the region. Some estimates hold that during this era invaders had no interest in hiring others to fight for them, there were more mercenaries fighting in the wars of western and the resistance that opposed the tyrants eventually Immoren than there were soldiers in the standing armies became so pervasive that its soldiers asked for no payment of the city-states.

It was during this time that many of the to fight. The few mercenary bands that endured in this era traditions and rules governing mercenaries were debated, survived mostly as paid watchmen protecting settlements established, and codified in writing.

By this time mercenary outfits had grown into true When the Iron Alliance finally succeeded in ejecting the companies with generations of traditions and history Orgoth from their lands, old feuds and alliances started anew. The chaos provided fertile ground code of conduct defines the rules and strictures under for the rejuvenation of the mercenary profession, and the.

It infuriates road wardens and other law enemy soldiers. Though they have done execution in the case of severe insubordination or desertion. They are typically ability of value to the organization. The majority of the modern mercenary was born.

Joining a small company can be as easy as showing assets by commanding officers. Most mercenary groups are relatively small bands. In addition. Respected mercenary operations. Some of those companies these outfits comprise fewer than thirty members bound have survived into the present day.

Khadoran monarchs once had a reputation for mistreating Mercenaries are expected to behave with honor. In ages past. Many older Despite the sanctions. Kingdoms are able to make a living under the protection of regardless of pay. Major Tenets of the Charter Less legitimate outfits tend to have vague. Hundreds led by an experienced military commander.

Once it has fulfilled its contract. Of course. Quality of life in the smaller Some nations have had such long relationships with specific mercenary bands varies considerably. Without against their sponsoring nobles or kingdom. The charter and feel justified in serving any kingdom indiscriminately. Unarmed or defenseless communities are not eligible objectives. Since many companies spend protracted time in Most successful mercenary companies have become adept the field and are expected to provide for themselves even at interpreting the letter of their charters to suit their needs.

Their contracts sometimes up with a weapon in hand. Company officers are responsible for the behavior of their men. When the contract is burned or otherwise destroyed. Possession of this contract represents ownership of the clients will be desperate.

Breaking a contract to switch sides in the midst of battle for reason—such as on offer of better pay—is both unlawful and Similarly to the general Charter.

Some companies still will the execution of prisoners is not allowed. The more successful paid at a better rate and receive better housing in the field companies can be picky and will turn away thugs. Only the most talented and wages that can be commanded by some lone operatives. In general. Not all mercenaries join companies. Remaining independent takes skill.

Better-funded companies often equip their soldiers uniformly. It without the chops are either left littering the battlefield or frequently takes just as much time to negotiate and draft a recruited into a larger outfit. Specialists are available for almost any form of modern combat. These groups are often in high demand.

A commander lacking powerful artillery but expecting to face numerous enemy warjacks may hire a mercenary band specializing in anti-warjack combat. The more respectable mercenary companies tend to be highly professional and either are large enough to field a small army or specialize in a specific combat role.

Many small companies are simply a collection of individuals willing to fight for coin. The advantages of battlefield can be a powerful force multiplier. There are. Mercenaries who spend more alchemists.

Many begin their careers albeit for different reasons. Many of the larger companies view independent mercenaries with some disdain. The best-equipped companies bring with them a cadre of warjacks and armed laborjacks. While Some mercenaries bring such highly valued skill sets to the warcasters remain rare among mercenary bands. They carry whatever weapons they brought when they joined or what they have been able to salvage from the battlefield. The mercenary outfits resent the as lone swords or guns-for-hire.

Unsuccessful companies can enter a downward spiral when they lose battles. They pack have clearly had an impact on Cygnaran paymasters.

Most are veterans of the Winter The nations of the Iron Kingdoms vary in their outlook toward Guard and have some battlefield experience. Though the loyalty can bring its own resources to bear.

MKII Warmachine Forces Retribution of Scryah.pdf

These vicious criminals outcomes of whole battles. The war in Llael proved to be a can sometimes be had at bargain prices.

Khador finds Khadoran-born mercenaries most palatable. The Devil Dogs are one of the best. Although Cygnar another draw. The Ordic port of Five Fingers is companies to fortify border garrisons.

Warcasters especially of such men is constantly in question. Some Cygnar and Khador. There are exceptions. Others have nets. Khador is quite willing to hire bands that have firepower of the machines at their command can sway the been outlawed by its neighbors.

MacHorne favors older Cygnaran models. Many of the mercenaries of the modern era make their swords. The grim realities of fighting a war on three The Devil Dogs fronts.

Cygnar has come to rely on increasing a notoriously laissez-faire attitude toward mercenaries. For every specific portions of its budget to mercenaries. Other mercenary companies are sometimes surprised to learn MacHorne Whereas once the High Kommand was reluctant to assign hires as many support personnel as she does combatants. It is the perfect crossroads to negotiate commanders have been forced to rely on large mercenary a gun or sword for hire.

King Baird Cathor II. Khador is also forces has diminished. For the expansion of this policy does not sit well with the general determined or desperate. The shadowy dealings service to a given nation.

Given battlefields of that beleaguered nation. The country is well positioned to act as of Menoth as well as increased Cryxian incursions along a headquarters for mercenaries. Respected companies can usually find work under the Cygnus.

Khador and Cygnar are by far the largest employers of sell. Although it seems increasingly unlikely Llael In spite of these difficulties. Ordic paymasters know nobles and wealthy organizations can find loopholes precisely which mercenaries can be hired at a bargain. Leryn from Khadoran hands. Ord does not have the wealth to do so on a large scale. A recent attempt absolute contempt. The Llaelese Resistance Many mercenaries have a sensible prohibition against working for the Nightmare Empire and refuse Cryxian The beleaguered soldiers of the Llaelese Resistance are only mercenaries by contracts at any price.

Although and factor it into reimbursement negotiations. The Northern Crusade in particular. Although Ord takes great pains to stay out of the wars will be upheld to the letter and they will receive precisely sweeping western Immoren.

Private armies make the law. With a few fall of Merywyn. It can be impossible just to find decent drink. Large private armies are rare. Since the for necromancy. In practice. Living agents can also sometimes reach targets barred to the undead.

Having ready its hired mercenaries to take the brunt of the risk in armed access to numerous mercenaries allows the Ordic court confrontations. A horde of necromechanikal thralls always a terrible thorn in the side of whoever wronged its master.

With each passing day it seems more believers who enter are likely to be arrested and killed as likely the Protectorate views the Resistance as nothing more than fodder spies. Despite the passion and While the elite of Khador and Cygnar look down upon determination of its leaders. No matter how many battles they win.

Although working with those who hate everything mercenaries represent can be taxing. The idea of paying a non-believer to to parley with the Protectorate of Menoth did result in the liberation of fight in the name of Menoth is anathema to the faithful. Few mercenaries are particularly necessity. Ord the payment that had been promised. Most hired soldiers know this quite well to interfere quietly in the wars of its neighbors.

The raising of private armies is proscribed by working against Khadoran elements near the Ordic border.

The with the idea that a highly professional and regimented prospective chapter-master must convince his superiors the mercenary force would be in higher demand than the location he has chosen will be profitable and a new branch sometimes-unreliable free companies.

They currently maintain chapter houses in almost every major city of the Iron Kingdoms as well as in some more obscure corners of the continent. From Berck. In fact. Company The Founding House in Berck oversees all chapters. From time to time different chapters of Steelheads end up fighting on both sides of a conflict. Once approved. The Steelheads chapter house in Blackwater is still controversial within the organization. Any member of Blackwater. Whereas other mercenaries have to endure lengthy cooling-off periods before taking contracts against former employers.

The Steelheads band of mercenaries and establish a new chapter house. The Steelheads have long-standing rivalries that. The were in high demand. The fact that each acts independently has allowed Steelheads.

Founded in Berck as a small group of Ordic the Steelheads with the cash to spare can attempt to set up army veterans over two centuries ago. The success of these associated chapters has been immense. In addition thinking commanders in Cygnar and Khador. Almost all of the In most chapters. Steelhead Furthermore. Those who pass are ensured one of the most stable and respected careers any mercenary can hope for.

It is not uncommon its members can expect pay around one and a half times for the Syndicate to hire different groups for competing the average pay of a Khadoran or Cygnaran trooper.

In this climate. The employ mercenary companies that would balk at working manual is required reading for all Steelhead officers and for the High Captains. While a chapter is active and being hired regularly. Fortunately for most chapters of the company. Far from altruistic or patriotic. Lieutenants are always Steelheads veterans.

This can lead to the Syndicate when individual Steelheads may be let go or paid an off. Many mercenaries conflict. Prospective Steelheads must pass a rigorous to time the Syndicate has even taken steps to ensure that series of combat tests and prove they are able to take orders a particular nation is victorious or defeated in a particular with the proper respect for authority. Each chapter must keep its books in good order A shadowy organization and must give the Founding House twenty percent of their based in Five Fingers.

All four duty stipend. Syndicate leaders value the organization. Even Asheth Magnus battle. Their personal interests and variable. Almost no conflict occurs in the Iron Kingdoms that Though considered antiquated by the more forward. High Captain crime lords. The High Captains control some of the most The rank and file of the company live more comfortably powerful criminal organizations in western Immoren. From time in their hiring. If a branch proves successful and grows to Four Star Syndicate is sufficient size to support more than one captain.

Answering directly to The Four Star Syndicate. This contrasts with lean times. Most notable among she rushed to the front lines. Now let the Khadorans weep for theirs. These attacks are simultaneous.

Small Base to be discarded. Transforming the air around her into during the same combat action. She Ashlynn hopes not only to repel the invaders but also one began to seek out danger wherever she could find it and day to drive her saber through the heart of the men she holds soon became a renowned duelist. Roulette Quicken 3 6 — — Yes No lasts for one round.

The execution of her and the traitor Prime Minister Glabryn. The coin she Arcane Academe. When this model makes its initial a blur of motion. Gunfighter Parry — This model cannot be targeted by free strikes.

Damage 14 attack rolls. When Khador invaded. Nemesis Enemy formations are split apart by furious gales that kick Magical Weapon up clouds of obscuring dust and debris and plunge the Weapon Master battlefield into chaos. Her allies move as if propelled by the wind itself.

By the age of fifteen she her ongoing operations against Khador. Ashlynn uses her formidable arcane abilities to bolster Virtuoso — This model can make melee and ranged attacks her blade skills. The affected Hand Cannon the odds of battle around her model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. She soon graduated at the top of her class earns funds the continuing effort to liberate Llael.

Ashlynn can unleash a storm of saber attacks. Though only biting at the Motherland for now. Council of Nobles or garrisoning the capitol. He has and improvised stratagem he can manage to assure victory. Mercenary — This model will work for Cryx. MacBain refuses to scrap any but the most Grievous Wounds — When a model is hit by this weapon. This model spends up to 3 focus points to cast Energizer.

Each Field Allowance C Choose a number of attack roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Fortune. They taught Focus 6 commands frequently live to Damage 17 fight another day. Some mercenaries fight for a lost homeland.

His employers often shake their heads in transfer damage. His stable Undertaker of warjacks have seen battles beyond counting. One offers away. Tough Gang Fighter — When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in melee range of another friendly Faction warrior model.

MacBain is a shrewd combatant willing to use every trick or for adventure. He has a reputation for being a to the mercenary code have made him one of the most stickler with contracts and adheres to their particulars with pre-eminent warcasters-for-hire in the Iron Kingdoms. Tactical Tips Fail Safe — When all its damage boxes have been marked.

Unyielding — While engaging an enemy model. Drake MacBain fights for coin. True Grit lasts for one round. Energizer can be cast only once per battlefield to find any scrap of Undertaker turn. Friends and colleagues alike have given him up for dead on a dozen occasions. Surviving such absurd odds is part of why he can command such an impressive fee: Warjacks do not Temper Metal — Continuous effects already on the target model Small Base have to spend focus to run when this spell is cast expire.

During this movement models cannot be targeted by free strikes. While Magnus Mercenary — This model will work for Cryx, Khador, and the took full advantage of his rewards, he remained resolute in Protectorate. MAGNUS Magnus is inarguably a man of conviction, but what he calls Backstab — This model gains an additional die on its back strike patriotism others have labeled a simple lust for power. Born damage rolls. Resourceful — This model can upkeep spells on models in its battlegroup without spending focus.

Magnus refused his offer and instead led loyal model can spend 1 focus point to boost all attack and damage remnants of the Royal Knights of Cygnar in a bloody rolls for the attack. This was the chink in his armor, the oversight Magnus wanted men in the known world. Magnus wages his personal would exploit to realize his ultimate ambition: In access to weapons and military technology that he smuggled those days he was revered for his mechanikal aptitude and throughout the Iron Kingdoms, supplying the enemies of feared for his ferocity in battle.

Though Magnus was known Cygnar with whatever aid their individual efforts required. Despite the best efforts of Magnus ground, and Vinter would rebuild it from the ashes.

Coleman Stryker, the man responsible for his crippled body, had given the usurper king some vital insight into the The throne will be reclaimed. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. Focus 6 Choose two table edges. Enemy models beginning Obliteration 4 10 4 15 No Yes Damage 17 The force of this attack blasts apart the earth itself. Magnus is not a Skorne model. Minion Warcaster [Skorne] — If you can have two or more countless plots, plunged himself into exile, endured being warlocks in your army, this model and warjacks in its battlegroup can take the place of a Skorne warlock.

This model hunted as a traitor, and murdered anyone who got in his counts toward the maximum number of warlocks allowed in an way. Despite his inexhaustible labors, his ruthless liege and army and counts as a warlock for FA.

Magnus takes pride battlegroup can begin the game bonded to him. The warjack that not even Master Tormentor Morghoul could break him gains Backstab. The proof of his fidelity revealed the Foecleaver X true agenda of his former master, sending ripples through Magical Weapon the Skorne Empire that would prompt Makeda to turn Armor Piercing HAttack — When calculating damage from against the Conqueror and drive him from the Abyssal this attack, halve the base ARM stats of models hit that have Fortress.

Magnus knows that despite this, his former king is medium or larger bases. Powerful Attack — When attacking with this weapon, this Magnus works with the inexhaustible energy of a man model can spend 1 focus point to boost all attack and damage utterly devoted to his purpose, which is survival and rolls for the attack.

He has been Knockdown — When a model is hit by an attack with this at the heart of the hidden network working to prepare weapon, it is knocked down. Tortured and loyal to his memory of Cygnar, to what he sees as ancient betrayed by the one he served most faithfully, a lesser man Cygnaran strength.

Magnus believes the destiny of his would have been lost. But Magnus rose determined to seize nation was derailed when Leto overthrew his brother, and his own destiny.

He orchestrated conflagration and to claim a place of power in the aftermath,. He bides his time. If that thing fires again. Magnus could create replacement make one additional attack nodes from scratch. A model can make additional attacks intervening models except only during its combat action. Knockdown — When a troops like rag dolls. As impressive as its weaponry is.

This feat is M M C C only once per game. Supplementing this deadly melee armament is an obliterator rocket. Given access to the proper Medium Base critical hit. Chassis Design: Obliterator Rocket left arm. Arc nodes are extraordinary this weapon can be made complex. The Renegade is armed with a savage chain-driven shredder scrapsaw. Shredder Scrapsaw right arm. Designed and assembled in rotting barns and remote caves in the first years of his exile. The shredder can tear into even the most resilient metals.

Renegade Mercenary Light Warjack Keep yer bloody heads down. Critical Shred — If the model hit was destroyed by the attack. Talon Mercenary Light Warjack That machine is a veteran of more wars than the historians can count. Shield left arm. While a 1 2 3 4 5 6 warjack is suffering Stall. After decades of service. M M C C Eventually the cortex will correct this interference. Field Allowance U but sometimes a few Point Cost 4 moments is all the Talon Medium Base needs to land a critical blow with its lance or spiked shield or for other allied forces to take advantage of the lapse in order to concentrate fire.

Though expensive. These or even impossible. I can salvage parts for it from battlefields across the face of Caen. Despite their retirement. Vanguard Mercenary Light Warjack I think of it as a four-ton big brother of steel. When resolving Initial Service Date: This model cannot use Shield Guard if it is incorporeal. Designed as a mechanikal bodyguard as well as an offensive weapon. This model Medium Base is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.

Oversized Blastbuckler left arm. If the target is not in melee range after moving. Once L R directly hit a badge of honor among noble warriors. Repairing these machines per round. Guisarme Cortex Manufacturer: Crucible Arms R 4 13 penalty. One of the few respected Llaelese warjack designs to grace the battlefield.

L R a certain degree of adaptive genius and the hard-won borrowing from stolen L L M C R R experiences of a man who had fought in battles against laborjacks and outdated warjacks to create new M M C C a wide variety of enemies. Even the originals. Punching Spike left arm. I admire such strength and ferocity even as I lament that it was turned against us.

Its left knuckles commonly feature a wicked three-foot spike that also makes them deadly up close. He put his experience to work on massive spiked ball of riveted iron attached to a wrecker chain—often nabbed from ship anchors or drawbridges—able to smash through a dozen or more men in a single swing.

Magnus had once been weapons with which to Field Allowance U a commander in the Cygnaran army who fought in the crush his enemies. Because Magnus also uses Manglers for labor and hauling supplies. Although he was an outlaw bereft of the cutting-edge warjacks.

Many notable sell-sword companies now include a heavy warjack or two bearing a wrecking ball. Other from its boiler to hurl its powerful explosive projectiles. Based on the Nomad chassis. Battle Mace Reach The Mule is among the most prized warjacks currently available on the open market. This is a useful trait. Steam Lobber left arm.

Mule Mercenary Heavy Warjack Get me a dozen shoeing nails. Move models farthest from the attacker The true mechanikal genius of the Mule is its unique steam- first. The Cygnaran military decommissioned it in AR after years of service.

The model directly driven cannon. M M C C by the thrown model. It is an iron reminder that newer does not always mean better. Nomad Mercenary Heavy Warjack Tough. A small buckler Cygnar waged with its hostile neighbors. The Nomad iron with a reinforced served ably for over a century. R 6 17 purpose: Field Allowance U designs that could fulfill multiple who use them to make Point Cost 6 battle roles.

It was among the first chassis designs in Cygnar without affecting its L R that was produced in bulk. Buckler left arm. Though its design predates anyone living today. When the last active up for a lack of available Large Base Nomad was decommissioned labor. Like bullets and bruises. It inflicted The Nomad is a simple but DAMAGE terrible damage with a massive battle blade inspired by the 1 2 3 4 5 6 effective monster of bolted favored weapon of the Caspian sword knights.

Khadoran talons. Halberdiers have long been the core of the company.

Hidden behind their impenetrable borders, a sect within the

They are accustomed to working with other Steelhead disciplines in coordinated strikes. Their disciplined organizational structure includes a detailed recruiting and training manual for all their units. Steelhead attack rolls with this halberdiers demonstrate just how many men are willing to weapon. This technique requires a stout heart and Field Allowance 3 Halberd Reach flawless execution.

Composed of serious soldiers and dispassionate killers alike recognizable by their prominent badges and distinct helmets. We must remember to hire them next time. Formed nearly two centuries ago.

Steelhead Halberdiers Mercenary Unit Numerous. Wielding simple halberds in well-drilled fighting formations. The Steelhead Mercenary Company includes chapter houses across western Immoren. Some ride the swift. If the target is time of war. Steelhead cavalrymen prefer no particular breed of horse and will gladly use any available steed amenable to training. Ride hard. Large Base torn areas accuse them of banditry and looting. Flank [Steelhead Halberdier] — When this model makes a melee attack against an enemy model within the melee range of a friendly model of the type indicated.

Steelhead When resolving an Assault officers insist their men are professionals who take only the ranged attack. As part of a charge. Regardless of their mounts. After resolving the attack. Though some citizens in war. These pragmatic sell-swords activation. Men and women with such 10 1 — 11 Combined Ranged Attack experience are usually inducted as officers or quickly rise Combined Arms — When to leadership.

Steelhead Riflemen Mercenary Unit You cannot put a price on having more guns than the other guys. This surprise that many disgruntled former soldiers of national stinginess with ammunition also leads to riflemen ruthlessly scavenging from their killed or unconscious comrades. While the overall quality of men is high. Often these are individuals desperate The Steelheads have men for hire who are equipped to deal to escape punishment who join the company with the with any threat on any battlefield.

Every rifleman is a reliable shot. Because of this preference. As an incentive to increase their skills of riflemen become truly deadly. Although this rarely Although anyone can apply to join the Steelheads. Working in concert with understanding they will be posted far from the nation or other Steelheads or the regular forces of a client army.

Take control of target enemy non-warcaster. Risen Grunts must be placed in formation. The undead model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

A model cannot suffer more damage as a result of Death Magic than it has unmarked damage boxes. Instead a Risen model range. Alexia Ciannor. This unit cannot have more than 20 Risen Grunts in play at a time. Remove the Risen Grunt model from play. If you do.


At the end of your next Control Phase. You can immediately make a full advance with the undead model followed by a normal melee attack. While the sword has been Few individuals have lived a life so full of terror as Alexia Ciannor. Her mother Lexaria was decapitated as a witch in the Corvis Witch Trials when Alexia was only seven years old. She was raised by her uncle. What he could not have predicted was the power she would eventually command or her compulsive need to reconnect with her murdered mother.

The obsession led her to unearth the Witchfire. That experiment was put down remnant of the Orgoth invasion. With no home. Feeling out of his depth. Though not hardy. Alexia ultimately desires to master the secrets of transcending death in order to restore her mother to life.

She sifts through the remains of thralls. Some occultists believe the Witchfire to be a to bring death to the living. By inscribing runes of unholy power into a Risen. Ciannor is hampered in this deranged plan by the fact that Menites shun and loathe her. The rigs loomed just behind the Menites. The winds and swirling sand had momentarily died down, and he could see massive rusting metal tanks at Fury.

He turned back to Caine and scowled. If whatever youre planning doesnt work, youd better beg Morrow for a merciful crossing before I catch up to you. He had hardly spoken before Caine sprinted away. Stryker holstered his pistol and hefted his blade Quicksilver in both hands, turning toward the High Reclaimer. He exchanged a quick look with Ol Rowdy and then they both began to move. As his pace increased, he unleashed a battle yell.

Coleman Stryker and his Ironclad charged at the enemy, running headlong into a steadily closing ring of Menites. Amid this clash the High Reclaimer approached once more, emerging from a wreath several clusters of Temple Flameguard and zealots. Stryker stared at Caine, his face implacable. We can get the rigs later. Saving the lives of these men is more important.

The High Reclaimer felt the familiar sensation of the world aligning with his divine imperative. The enemy he was sent to intercept was before him. More remarkably, the foe ran straight toward him as if rushing to meet his own death. A sudden and unexpected explosion of light and motion behind his quarry managed to break the High Reclaimers focused concentration. The other warcaster, the gun mage, Caine sent his Charger to help the Lancer deal with the respond to the other threats closing on their position.

The trenchers on the crag had noted Strykers arrival and were giving up their position. They scrambled approaching Menites as they joined the warcasters. This in turn prompted the deliverers on the hill behind the crag to advance, likely hoping to wipe out the exposed soldiers with their next volley. Caines jaw clenched. I have a mission, and Im completing it. What angered him most was how blind Stryker was to the fact that his trenchers wanted to complete the mission as badly as he did.

They were willing to put their lives on the line to get the job done. Pulling them out now would be an insult to those who had died to get them this far. He pointed toward the enemy warcaster. Keep him busy! I have an idea. A ring of blinding runes surrounded the pistols barrel, which immediately disgorged a wave of raw, second Redeemer to topple both in an ear-splitting crunch of colliding machinery.

This same warcaster became an impossible blur of motion as launched glowing rounds of screaming lead with impossible speed and unerring accuracy as the barrels glowed with heat and arcane power. The advancing deliverers were annihilated in a cascade of blazing death. An entire squad of Temple Flameguard met a similar fate. Zealots fell by the handful. It was such an amazing display of sorcerous gunplay that it took even the High Reclaimer by surprise, and he was a man well accustomed to the miraculous.

There was a howling only the High Reclaimer could hear as the souls of the dead were shaken from their bodies. They swept around him with such power that they became visible as a took these souls into his embrace to deliver them to Urcaen, meanwhile gaining power from the turbulent storm of their spiritual energy.

In moments those souls would pass through him, but in their wake he would have the strength to annihilate all his enemies in a single, great outpouring of vengeance. For now he must endure. The High Reclaimer received Commander Strykers charge and fell back several steps along the ridge of the dune as he tried to block the swords blows with his mace.

The Cygnaran blanched when he entered the swirling tornado of souls that sucked the warmth from his blood, and the Menite leader took delight in his enemy's deep gash through the muscles of the High Reclaimers left 12 arm, but he stubbornly refused to relinquish his hold on his ceremonial torch Cremator. He ignored the pain of his shattered shoulder when the Ironclads blow penetrated the his injuries erased by the reclaimed souls of the faithful.

The High Reclaimer did not realize how close he was to the reservoirs of Menoths Fury behind him. He was focused on siphoning energy from the souls he bore as they crossed through the barrier to the afterlife. His injuries began to mend as he lifted his great mace to annihilate this enemy of Menoth.

Caine did not have time to observe the clash between Stryker and the High Reclaimer. Nearly exhausted from blood loss as well as the outpouring of energy, he pushed on. Adrenaline kept his legs from collapsing as he rushed past a dozen Menite corpses to where the deliverers had fallen.

He was too far from the rigs to hope to hit them with pistol tubes and turned back to face the towers, simultaneously calling on his remaining reserves of arcane strength. Runes erupted along the rocket tube as he augmented the weapons range and accuracy as he had done earlier for his Charger. Caine held the rocket tube awkwardly, never piece of hardware designed for easy operation. With a little prayer to the scion of luck, he yanked the self-igniting fuse and aimed at the rigs.

With a jolt he realized that Stryker was closer to those towers than he had anticipated, but there was nothing to be done now. He decided grimly that if worse came to worst the man would probably enjoy going out in a blaze of glory.

He held his breath the wrong direction before it suddenly fell straight down toward the tanks of Menoths Fury. There was a dull thump and a sound like a gigantic indrawn breath. Caine barely had time to teleport away, vanishing like an enraged dragon. Searing heat washed over him. Coleman Stryker was facing the extraction rigs as he pressed forward with his sword locked against the shaft of the High Reclaimers blazing torch. His eyes were watering, and he could barely breathe from the strange wind that whipped around his enemy.

He thought he could hear the howls of angry ghosts. That unnatural vortex suddenly extinguished to be replaced by a palpable aura of mystical strength as the High Reclaimers entire body shimmered with a protective halo. He lost sight of the High Reclaimer entirely. Around him he heard the anguished screams of Menite soldiers and zealots caught in the inferno. Commander Stryker knew all too well the High Reclaimer would gain enough power amid such carnage to become nearly invincible.

His loathsome order thrived on death. Spotting the gun mage behind a boulder, he shouted, Caine! Lets go! Move it or Im leaving you for the crows! For once Allister Caine had no ready retort, and he ran painfully toward the others without protest. He looked air shimmered with waves of raw heat that tore at their throats and stung their eyes. There was no sign of the High Reclaimer, but both Cygnaran warcasters were certain he had survived.

Caine held his side, which was still bleeding, and staggered as he came near.


Stryker grabbed his arm to steady him and allowed the gun mage to lean on him as they hurried west. Ol Rowdythe only jack left standing followed protectively, occasionally checking behind them for signs of pursuit. Caine gave one look over his shoulder as they went and grinned at Stryker, his face pale.

Looks like I earned a medal. Ill trust you to put in for that. His voice shook. Stryker grimaced. Just be happy we cant demote you any further. Dont worry, Im sure we can talk them into giving you a medal too, so you can add it to your extensive collection. Caines sarcasm prompted Sergeant Cartway to chuckle, but he stopped at a glare from Stryker, swallowing nervously. Something moving quickly in his peripheral vision caught Strykers attention: a descending projectile heading straight toward the rusting metal tanks.

His eyes widened. In that instant he unleashed a surge of protective energy, sending arcane runes over himself and Ol Rowdy. They stretched far enough to reach the surviving trenchers hunkered behind cover a couple dozen yards behind him. I call no land my home, yet I confess a sentimental attachment to every plot of ground on which I have marched, fought, or sought shelter. It seems inevitable some peril will end my journeys one day, as is the fate of a man such as I in times such as these.

With this in mind, I have collected my recent thoughts and assembled them in the hopes that these words might outlast me and prove an adequate description of our varied lands and peoples. As I travel these embattled lands I speak of what I have seen to those who will listen. I have walked the length and breadth of western Immoren, this beautiful and rugged land split from the unexplored east. Even were the world limited to this region, there would be more places to see wonders, but here I will speak only of what I have seen, read, or heard described in tales.

The kingdoms of this land are both young and old, a paradox that creates some of the tension within and between them. Each is rich in culture, tradition, pride, and the potential for bitter enmity.

In the north stands the vast nation of Khador, its lands noted mostly for the frozen bite of its ice-encased mountains and less for the milder plains, rivers, lakes, farmland, and hills of its southern expanses. A few years ago Khador declared itself an empire and I should probably speak of it as such, but old habits are hard to break.

Khadorans have a long history as warriors and conquerors, having arisen to dominate any rivals they encountered as well as their rugged land. East of Khador and enjoying its share of rugged and frozen peaks is the dwarven nation of Rhul.

Their unbroken civilization predates all human claims. Politically, they seem to lack the desire for war that consumes our human nations, although recent battles have lured many individuals forth to test their mettle. In the west is Ord, the land of my own birth. It is a small kingdom boasting hardy people but not blessed with an abundance of resources. Ord is a land of fog-shrouded moors, imposing hills, and a stretch of coastline where our proud ports seek to dominate the seas.

Llael has been swallowed up by Khador, churned by the boots of Cygnaran soldiers, and exploited by zealots of the Protectorate of Menoth. Some few Llaelese resist their occupiers, and there are those who still dream of freedom. Unlike Rhulfolk, who are seen often in cities abroad, the Iosans have kept to themselves. I have heard rumors they say their soldiers are on the march. Given their fearsome reputation, I pity any who stands in their path. South of Ord and Llael is the mighty nation of Cygnar, long Khadors hated enemy.

Cygnar is a large kingdom and one particularly rich in resources and fertile lands. Accordingly it boasts the largest population and one of the mightiest militaries in western Immoren. It holds the southern peninsula along the Broken Coast and thereby has the longest stretch of shoreline of any of the Iron Kingdoms, with a powerful navy to match.

As large as the kingdom appears on a map, it is worth noting how much of its southern and western lands are covered by the dense mountains of the Wyrmwall, uncivilized and treacherous peaks never tamed by man. It is a diverse nation with a strong-willed and well-educated populace, but because of this its leaders sometimes become distracted by internal disagreements, impeding their ability to commit to decisive action.

For all Cygnar s power and wealth, I do not envy them. They are surrounded by enemies and in recent years have been beset on every side. In addition to their Khadoran rivals to the north, they must guard against the Protectorate of Menoth to the east and Cryx to the west. Even the wasteland called the Bloodstone Marches that occupies much of their northeastern border has recently become a menace, disgorging a race called the skorne to assail them. That Cygnar still stands against so many is a testament to the resolve of its people as much as to its strength of arms.

Cryx exists apart from the rest as a collection of horrors and of Cygnar, across the Broken Coast, amid the swampy and rank Scharde Islands, dwell immortal and unimaginably powerful creatures that are a plague upon the living.

There are people who live in Cryx as well, horrible as that thought might be, but their lives are not the same as ours. There the 15 dead walk alongside the living and the land itself is tainted by the unholy radiance of the dragon who rules that empire and forces his vassals to worship him as a god. The only way for Cryxs citizens to rise above the misery and misfortune of their squalid lives is to serve the dragon in any capacity he demands.

Many become brutal pirates and raiders and spend their lives preying on others. The the islands, but they scour the main coastline on countless ships geared for war and slaughter. In recent years they have become more brazen in their attacks and have begun to send armies onto the mainland, a development I fear our nations are not taking seriously enough. I am not deeply religious, but even a wine-sodden pipe-blower and teller of tales gives deference to him who created us.

Some distinguish between fact and legend, but I know the two are inseparable. That Menoth once strode Caen is to me a fact as solid as the count of those who fell in the Boarsgate Massacre. Menoths priests shaped our earliest villages and farming communities into towns and cities. The past is the foundation for the present in all things. Though Ordic born, I have no living family there and few remaining ties to that land.

I must confess I feel more comfortable outside its borders, as its murky hills and moors remind me of tragedies I have struggled to forget. In these times of increasing strife it seems Cygnar is the only place I city rather oppressive, the simplest peasant can recognize Caspia as among the grandest of mans works.

Its ancient streets mark the entire course of our history brick by brick. In another time it was named Calacia and was the home of the priest-king Golivant, who beat back the Molgur tribes and erected a great wall against them and who also gave us Such accomplishmentsgreat cities, statues of ancient kings, libraries with walls stacked high with weighty tomespale before mans unquenchable thirst for war.

During the Warlord Era, the people of western Immoren fought endless battles. I am inclined to believe it was Menoths will, a means to test the strength of both rulers and ruled. Even Caspia, the City of Walls, is a haven for me now, although its warren of towering bulwarks and clustered humanity unsettles my mind with countless reminders of the ancient past. My writings from the public houses of that city invariably plunge into examinations of history rather than accounts of the present.

Even between vast cycles of history, some events are so How many bloody wars have unfolded in sight of Caspias great gates? How many swords and spears have pierced all men were slaves to their gods and kings. They left their footprints across Immoren and drew thousands of followers to learn from their example. We always speak of Morrow before his sister Thamar, as her legacy is as dark as his is bright, but their destinies were joined.

One need not be a theologian to appreciate the complexity of the philosophies they birthed. Their ideas shook the very foundations of civilization.

It is the city that forged the colossals, the giant war machines Too often in studying the past many look no further back than the Rebellion, as if our history began with our freedom from the Orgoth. For an era long beyond reckoning mankind roamed Immoren in wild and savage tribes, incapable of recording their deeds. Menoth, our Creator, left us in this state to test our strength.

After a time we drew his attention when we It was in Caspia that the Twins were born, and their rise to enlightenment was one such moment. The Twins were Morrow taught there was more to life than battle and blind obedience to law. He claimed a good man must think of others before himself. Thousands followed his example and looked inward for answers. He said that leading a good life required the will to protect the well-being of others, to warrior-philosopher such as the world has yet to see again.

His ideas spread faster than the Menites could contain them. She felt true power was boundless and came from the strength of the individual to exert his will over the masses.

Thamar taught that morality was the prison of truth and freedom. She delved into forgotten occult lore and profane secrets in the pursuit of illimitable power. She ascended by freeing her mind from the shackles of conscience. As a divine being she became the goddess of temptation, indulgence, dark magic, and deception.

The rise of these ascended gods marked the beginning of the Thousand Cities Era. After the Twins rose and crossed over to Urcaenthe realm of the gods and the afterlife of the deadthe shaping of mortal history was left once again to mortal hands.

Like a stained glass window fallen from its casing to shatter on the ground, the map of western Immoren fractured. Citystates of various sizes arose, each with its own warlord or petty king.

Tavern-born treaties and back-alley allegiances lasted only long enough to muster men-at-arms for days extended beyond humanity. We battled trollkin and ogrun tribes, and we foolishly encroached on the ancient lands ruled by the dwarves of Rhul and the inscrutable They punished us for these violations but did not commit to conquest outside their lands.

Though warfare never ceased, the claims of kings began to consolidate as they seized the lands of their rivals and brought more people under their control. Caspia expanded.

Thuria rose and Tordor consumed it. Khardic engineers invented the steam engine and began to realize its potential. Ships fueled by coal plied the rivers without relying on currents or winds. Among my ancestors, the dirgenmast captains of Tordor formed an armada stronger than the world had ever seen, and the sails of a thousand ships spread across the ocean from horizon to horizon.

Who can say what heights we might have reached had we been able to capitalize on these achievements? Alas, 17 ships that fell upon our shores. The arrival of the Orgoth would eclipse even the ascension of the Twins and leave an indelible stain across our history. We were thrown into an even darker age, and all the progress hard won through so many bloody quarrels was undone. The Orgoth possessed a rapacious hunger for slaughter and enslavement.

They seemed human enough but proved crueler and more calculating than any race our ancestors had ever encountered.

Although it is true we were also warlike, our old warlords had fought for understandable goals, obeyed codes of behavior, and sometimes heeded priestly advice. In contrast, the Orgoth embraced slaughter and cruelty with dreadful enthusiasm. The Tordoran armada sailed to meet the Orgoth ship to ship, but they sent our proud vessels to the deep, spawning the Sea of a Thousand Souls.

Countless longboats then spilled cruel warriors onto the beaches of Immoren. The once-warring tribes and towns of the Thousand Cities fought valiantly failed to stop the invaders. They boasted infernal magic and wielded weapons terrible beyond reckoning. Our Menite war priests and Morrowan battle chaplains brought the power of their gods and fought as best they could, but we were undone.

The Orgoth subdued us with rivers of our own blood in a slow but inexorable conquest consuming two centuries. The Orgoth did not seek to destroy western Immoren.

Nothey subjugated and enslaved us instead. Camps of starving men and women compelled by the whip and the today. Thousands of stone-torn hands erected the basalt fortresses and towers of our conquerors.

Of all our cities, Caspia alone held them at bay, kept safe only by her towering walls. Despite this small victory, Caspian armies were soundly defeated every time they ventured forth to meet the Orgoth in battle.

For four centuries the Orgoth occupied our lands all but uncontested, plunging our people into enduring darkness. Our eventual revolt against the Orgoth proved to be as painful and excruciating a time as our initial defeat, requiring the span of two centuries to succeed. A tide of some few battle wizards awakened to their potential to communicate mentally with the cerebral matrixes that of will, these battle wizards guided the colossals in battle.

This spirit of resistance was not enough in itself. Every rebellion requires weapons and carries a cost payable only in blood. While some do not like to speak of it, evidence suggests the dark goddess Thamar played a part by giving us the Gift This sharing of minds between man and machine was something the Orgoth could not match, and over the next few years their fortresses fell one by one to the Rebellion armies that brought together soldiers from each of the future The arcane power and mechanikal wonders we take for granted today were unknown before that time.

Miracles had been the sole province of gods and the priests who became the sea but did not go quietly. As they retreated, the Orgoth Thamar was something else again: the ability to manipulate the very laws of nature through the application of will.

It would be long centuries before arcanists understood the extent of this power, if they do even today, but it quickly proved to be a formidable weapon for the Rebellion. The tyrants had their own weapons, wicked and unholy, as well as warwitches capable of tearing a mans It was the development of mechanika, coupling the old principles of engineering with the new sciences of magic, that provided the key to eventual victory.

The early colossal as a steam-driven, war-ready construct of gears, monsters without detection by the Orgoth.

Mans commitment and resourcefulness so impressed the dwarves of Rhul that they pledged their aid. The Orgoth had never conquered that northern people, having been rebuked from the great southern fortress of Horgenhold after a single massive assault. They had thereafter ignored that nation, leaving them isolated amid their remote mountains. Rhul did not send armed forces to confront the Orgoth directly, but their supplies of iron ore, fabricated steel, and mechanical expertise helped transform the colossals from an engineering dream to a towering reality.

This heralded a new age of mechanika. The colossals built from Rhulic materials in the factories of Caspia were truly monumental achievements: towering, smoke-belching, steam-powered constructs that walked on legs of steel and wielded weapons so powerful even the gods would envy them.

Following the defeat of the Orgoth, we rediscovered what it meant to govern ourselves. This council hammered out the map of the new Iron Kingdoms on their political anvils. Deliberations lasted weeks. The negotiations resulted in the Corvis Treaties, which drew the borders for the newly formed territories and created the kingdoms of Cygnar, Khador, by peacebut soon enough, old rivalries set them once again at one anothers throats.

I look north and consider the rugged and cruel men who dominate the expanse called Khador. At Midfast the people of Ord beat them back in AR. From those walls our tired soldiers witnessed the ascension of Markus to join Morrow.

I will make plain my feelings. I loathe the descendants of the Khardic Empire, and I find in them little to praise. Such men ruined my family, and the blood they have spilled in their unrelenting drive for conquest stains the pages of history. I prize truth and scorn those guilty 19 of dangerous rhetoric, so I will attempt to restrain my distaste and write of the northerners with what measure of neutrality I can muster.

Without question Khadors people are tough, irascible, weathered, and proud. They learned well from those ancient days when man endured through strength and cruelty and see no reason to temper those qualities now. The north keeps deep and ancient customs derived from the time when barbaric horselords roamed and ruled the Khardic Empire alongside their pompous, gold-laden Menite priests. The Khadorans took to Morrows message later but heeded only select words of his teachings.

They lauded the wise philosopher-gods advice on nobility in battle while ignoring his condemnation of unrestrained aggression. To understand these cold northerners, consider that much winds snap trees in half, and sudden snows sweep in so fast that entire wagon trains have vanished in mere seconds.

Only a harsh people could hope to survive in such a harsh huge warjacks thundering along next to steel-hearted men and women armed to the teeth with axes and guns.

Perhaps in such a frozen place the concept of freedom becomes meaningless. Khador has conscripted its soldiers since the time of the old empire.

Every adult male and any woman who wishes and is not with child serves their Motherland for at least one period of duty.I look north and consider the rugged and cruel men who dominate the expanse called Khador. Opportunities to annihilate enemies of the faith must be embraced. Overall it has been an incredibly successful streamlining of the game and much more new player friendly. Those are the original version of the game. The Llaelese Resistance Many mercenaries have a sensible prohibition against working for the Nightmare Empire and refuse Cryxian The beleaguered soldiers of the Llaelese Resistance are only mercenaries by contracts at any price.