The Hundred and One Dalmatians, or The Great Dog Robbery, is a children's novel by Dodie Smith Dalmatians book First edition cover. I have loved this book since I was a child. I downloadd the site version to read to my children recently, and I was dismayed at the obvious lack of editing for this . The Dalmatians (The Hundred and One Dalmatians, #1) . I won't rate this because it's a children's book and I'm obviously not the intended audience, and I .

The Hundred And One Dalmatians Book

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The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. When Cadpig gets lost playing hide-and-seek, she stumbles into the path of the evil Cruella de Vil But can her new furry friends help her escape? Inspired by. Find out about The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, The Hundred and One Dalmations is an all-time classic children's book.

Blue and Orange Morality : Cruella. She genuinely doesn't see why Dalmatian dogs are supposed to be beloved family pets instead of mindless fur animals. But since she has the drive and wherewithal to do anything she likes, she's terrifying.

Boisterous Bruiser : The Staffordshire Terrier, who's good-natured but very energetic and has a limited grasp of personal boundaries. Dodie Smith knew her dog breeds. His owners are very proud of him and give him affectionate nicknames like "The Canine Cannon Ball" and "Misguided Missile". Brainless Beauty : Missis is described as very pretty and brave but also somewhat silly, vain, selfish, and baffled by abstract concepts such as "left".

Then again, many dogs are — and Pongo is very aware that while Missis may not be as clever as he is, she has better instincts. She's a lot hardier and more down-to-earth by the end of the book. A Cat in a Gang of Dogs : Lt. Tib and to a lesser degree Cruella's cat are the only felines that help the puppies.

Cats Are Mean : Zigzagged and averted for the most part.

They are only mean to those who deserve it. The cats are friendly to the dogs, but Cruella's cat commits a vicious act that is directly responsible for her downfall she lets the dalmatians into the house to destroy the De Vil stock of furs in retaliation for all the kittens Cruella drowned.

She later confides that she could foresee Cruella heading for a bad end and wanted to be there to witness it. Chekhov's Gunman : Eight puppies are just the right age and size to pull the Cadpig's cart. They turn out to be Perdita's lost litter Pongo hadn't noticed their brown spots because he'd never seen them in good light. Classic Villain : Cruella De Vil. Comically Missing the Point : At one point the puppies rest in a church.

They assume the kneeler cushions are puppy-sized dog beds and that the nativity scene is an odd kind of television. Cruella to Animals : The Trope Namer. Deadpan Snarker : Cruella's white cat. Especially in the sequel, where she plays a larger role.

Demoted to Extra : Several characters in The Starlight Barking; most notably Cruella, who is discussed often but only actually appears once — and even then she spends the entire scene asleep. Almost as notable with Lucky, who is one of the major puppy characters in the first book but is pretty much a background character in the sequel. Disney Death : Cadpig, who was born nearly dead and was revived by Mr Dearly.

The Dog Bites Back : The Cat in this case; Cruella's white Persian reveals that Cruella keeps her husband's stock of fur in the house, and she lets the Dalmatians in so they can destroy it. Fearless Fool : Lucky, and to some extent Cadpig. The Staffordshire Terrier and Cruella's white cat have traits of this as well. Fur and Loathing : The trope didn't really kick in until The '80s , so this is more a prototypical example if not the Ur-Example. Genre Shift : The Starlight Barking, the sequel to the original book, is a fairly bizarre departure from the mundane except for the sentient animals setting of the first book featuring Sirius, Lord of the Dog Star, a Sufficiently Advanced Alien who, concerned about the possibility of nuclear war destroying dogkind, causes all humans and other animals to fall into an unnaturally deep sleep.

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

This is likely a significant part of the reason why the sequel never saw a film adaptation and has subsequently been almost forgotten. Getting Crap Past the Radar : Perdita recalls a time, not long after she grew up, when she "felt a great desire to marry".

She then met a male dalmatian and they fell in Love at First Sight , and began to arrange their marriage, but his people put a stop to it. A few weeks later, she had a litter Cruella, in keeping with her "devil" theme, has an above-average fascination for fire.

At one point in the novel she stops her car and temporarily drops the chase of the dalmatians in order to watch a bakery burn. Though nothing is ever stated, older readers might note that her glee at seeing the fire burning takes on a tint of sexual excitement and ecstasy.

This last one was in fact so obvious that at least one audio drama adaptation changed the scene into more of an example of Evil Is Petty.

The ecstasy angle with its sexual hints is completely dropped; instead Cruella stops to watch the bakery burn because it's so hilarious to see the panicked people running back and forth and trying to put it out. Gold Digger : Cruella married a furrier for his money and, of course, all the furs he could give her. She even insists he keep his stock at the house so she can wear anything she likes. This comes back to bite her on the arse, hard, when Pongo and Missis break into her house and rip the whole lot to shreds.

When Pongo and Missis meet him, he is reading a newspaper page and appears to be smoking a pipe Ill Girl : Cadpig. She's delicate and weaker than other puppies, thus requiring special care, though she's stronger than most of them in spirit.

Averted in the sequel, where the adult Cadpig is a healthy and energetic dog, and her spirit remains unchanged from her puppy days. Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain : Cruella's husband. The dalmatians initially pity him, but the cat tells them that he's just as evil as his wife, but he's weak and bad, whereas she is strong and bad.

Kids Are Cruel : The boy who meets the dalmatians on their trip across country. He lures them close to him by offering food, then throws rocks at them, injuring Pongo.

Pongo wants to go back and bite the child in retribution, but Missis talks him out of it, asking him to forgive him because she knows that young creatures can cause pain without realizing it.

Aveted with young Tommy, the Colonel's young charge. The Klutz : Roly Poly. He's always tripping and bumping into others by accident, which turns out to be a Chekhov's Skill as it's his mishap with a bag of soot that gives Pongo the idea for the dalmatians to disguise themselves as black dogs.

In the sequel, Roly Poly's klutziness has only grown with age, as a small clumsy puppy has now become a large clumsy dog whose accidents and bursts of clumsiness are proportionally bigger. Ladyella : Cruella is more cruel than not.

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Malaproper : Missis isn't good with large words. For example, she gets offended when she learns the Dearlys will found a "nasty din" of dalmatians, only for Pongo to explain what a "dynasty" is. Cruella is always too cold, loves blazing fires, eats nothing but spicy foods and tastes of pepper when one of the puppies nips her.

The sheepdog also tells Pongo stories about an ancestor of hers with "a long tail". Luckily he is saved from the mighty Cruella De Vil! Nice pictures and easy to read. My favourite bit was where cadpig went in disguise to hide from Cruella de Vil.

The 101 Dalmatians

She would give this book 4 stars, but I would give it 5 stars. I would recommend the book to 5 to 8 year olds, but it can be enjoyed by any age. It sees all the puppies having fun in the park when one gets lost and stumbles across Cruella De Vil. And the way Cadpig escapes from Cruella was lots of fun. A great little book. You can read more reviews for Cruella and Cadpig over on Toppsta. He won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in Steven Lenton is originally from Congleton in Cheshire, where his family run a pom-pom factory, but he now splits his time between Brighton and London, where he works from his shared studio.

StevenLenton Facebook: StevenLentonIllo Instagram: Find your local participating Bookseller here. Keep in touch!Dearly is a "financial wizard" who has been granted life-long tax exemption and lent a house on the Outer Circle in Regent's Park in return for wiping out the government debt.

He lures them close to him by offering food, then throws rocks at them, injuring Pongo. The Staffordshire Terrier: Main article: Follow us. Dodie Smith knew her dog breeds.

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It's told almost conversationally, and in a way that is incredibly enjoyable to follow. Community Showcase More. Cruella de Vil arrives and tells the two crooks in charge of Hell Hall that they must slaughter and skin the dogs as soon as possible because of the publicity surrounding the theft of the Dearlys' puppies.