Barcelona, Salvat Editores, S.A. Quinta edición Segunda reimpresión. Tomo II. Guaflex editorial levemente rozado con lomera ladeada. XXXI+pp. Anatomia de. To ask other readers questions about Anatomía de los animales domésticos, ayudar en decirme como puedo descargar este libro en tomo 1 y 2 por favor?. Septimus Sisson, James Daniels Grossman [EPUB site PDF EBOOK] Anatomia De Los Animales Domesticos Tomo Ii By Robert Getty.

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Anatomia de Los Animales Domesticos(Robert Getty(Tomo 2)). Cargado por libro de anatomía veterinaria Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Robert Getty, Septimus Sisson, James Daniels Grossman pdf download. Animales Domesticos Tomo Ii By Robert Getty. by Robert Getty (Author), Septimus Sisson (Author), James Daniels Anatomia de Los Animales Domesticos - Tomo II (Spanish Edition) by Robert Getty.

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Scoott and William H. Simon Turner and C. Penny and Alastair I. Want to Read saving…. All studied plexuses sent communicating branches to the median nerve, as for domestic dog This is functionally important because it allows the continuity of stimulus conduction even after injury in one of these nerves This junction is described as a common variation among humans 45 , and Iwamoto et al. The radial nerve originates predominantly from C7, C8 and T1 branches.

This formation also prevails for domestic felids 38 and L. File:Robert Getty.

Anatomía de los animales domésticos (Tomo #1)

Thus, the radial nerve is the nerve having the major tendency of plurisegmentation of the Carnivora order due to its extensive area of motor and sensorial innervation. It innervates all four heads of the triceps muscle, as well as anconeus and tensor of the antebrachial fascia muscles.

Posteriorly, it divides into superficial and deep branches: From the lateral branch, the lateral cutaneous antebrachial nerve arises. The lateral portion is distributed to the hand and to the dorsal aspect of the digits, and the medial one is distributed to the medial aspect of the digit I. According to Arlamowska-Palider 47 , the presence of a well-developed cutaneous branch originating from the radial nerve is typical for inferior placental beings.

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For two evaluated limbs, the lateral cutaneous nerve of antebrachium branches to the brachioradialis muscle. The deep branch of the radial nerve inserts itself between brachioradialis and the origin of the extensor carpi radialis muscle, innervating the first muscle and distributing to all craniolateral musculature of the antebrachium extensor carpi radialis, extensor digitorum communis, extensor digitorum lateralis, ulnar lateralis, abductor digit I longus and supinator muscles.

In general, the innervation area and branching of the radial nerve are similar to domestic feline 48 , P. The difference is for the last one; the medial splitting of superficial branching supplies the digit II, while the lateral supplies digit III Other carnivores in which the radial nerve contains the same motor innervation area are domestic dog 6, 8 , A.

The median nerve emerges from two distinct branches; one from C7, and another from C8 and T1. The latter also originates the ulnar nerve. The nerve receives a communicating branch from the musculocutaneous nerve at the middle third of the limb in all plexuses and it runs with the ulnar nerve to the distal limb, where it crossed between long and medial head of triceps brachii muscle, reaching the supracondylar foramen.

Then, it distributes to the caudal musculature of antebrachium pronator teres, flexor carpi radialis, flexor digitorum profundus, flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor capri ulnaris and pronator quadratus muscles. Except for flexor ulnaris carpus, it has similar distribution of domestic feline 38 , P.

Located caudally to the median nerve, the ulnar nerve dissociates from the median nerve in the middle third of the arm, passes above the medial epicondyle of the humerus and penetrates over the ulnar head of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle, where it sends branches to the humeral head of the same muscle and to ulnar, humeral and radial heads of flexor digitorum profundus muscle, as for domestic cat 38 , C.

The nerve exhibited a short path distally to rudimentary clavicle to innervate the cleidobrachialis muscle.

Anatomia dos animais domesticos getty pdf

Even if it is not listed at ICGVAN 15 , the nerve is included in this study for the authors who describe it in the plexuses of domestic carnivores 6, 8, 30, 38 and for C.

In some cases, it was named as the subclavius nerve Predominance of C5 for brachiocephalicus nerve formation was also reported for domestic feline In domestic dogs 30 , C. Anatomia Veterinaria-Sisson For Carnivora order, it seems to originate from the most cranial branch of the plexus.

Originating invariably from ventral branches of C7, the long thoracic nerve follows deeply to the scalenus muscles and to the lateral aspect of serratus ventralis thoracis muscle, innervating it.

Its origin, tract and innervation area are similar to those of domestic carnivores 8, 38 , C. For A. The thoracodorsal nerve arises predominantly from C7 and C8, also a characteristic that prevailed for domestic carnivores 30, 38 , M. Among wild canids, it originates between C8 and T1 33, 34 , although for L.

The nerve follows satellite vessels until supplying the deep aspect of latissimus dorsi muscle, as for carnivores in general 8, , 38, The lateral thoracic nerve is formed by C7 and T8 in most of the L. For the majority of species in Carnivora order, its origin predominates between C8 and T1 30, 34, 35, 38, 42 , this configuration being found only in one plexus from this study.

As for domestic felines 38 , it arose through the angle between the caudal border of triceps brachii and latissimus dorsi muscles, innervating the last and following the medial aspect of cutaneous trunci muscle, branching to thoracic and abdominal skin.

The cranial pectoral nerve of L.


C7 participation for this nerve formation is very usual for Carnivora order, except for A. The caudal pectoral nerve originates always in C8, even if frequently receiving C7 contributions and, in one case, from T1.

In fact, the ventral branch of C8 is described for caudal pectoral nerve origin in all plexus descriptions for Carnivora order, even if C7 and T1 also appeared although less frequently 8, 30, 31, , The innervation area of cranial pectoral nerve concentrates to the pectorales superficialis muscle, while the caudal one innervates the pectorals profundus muscle, as described for carnivores in general 8, 30, 31, , Conclusions Comparing the description of other species with those of Carnivora order, greater similarity of brachial plexus origin can be observed.

Miller Jr. Blanchard, Dickson D.

File:Robert Getty.jpeg

Varner, James Schumacher, Charles C.Twedt - https: Crow, Sally O. Results Macrodissections allowed the identification and schematisation of the components of L.

In a study with plexuses of human foetuses, less than half presented a typical organisation, where variations prevailed For human and non-human primates 10, 41 , monotremes 16 , Hippopotamus amphibius 5 and B. Nevertheless, the presence of C4 forming the brachial plexus of Ornithorhynchus anatinus and Tachyglossus aculeatus 16 , B. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.