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Conan the Barbarian #1 - 25 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse. Conan the Barbarian - Chronological Listing Real Name: Conan Return to this character's main page. Skip to: | | | | | | Conan the Barbarian () February 20, → · Conan the Barbarian () February 17, →.

Conan the Barbarian Vol 1

Conan the Barbarian - 'The Hand of Erlik! Conan the Barbarian - 'The Eternity War! Conan the Barbarian - 'The Creation Quest! Conan the Barbarian - 'The Quest Ends! Robert E.

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Conan The Barbarian (2019-) #1

Conan the Reaver' January Conan Saga 11 Conan the Barbarian - 'Goblin! Amazing Heroes - '2nd Annual Swimsuit Issue!!

Conan the Barbarian: Conan the Barbarian - 'He Who Hungers! The Punisher Annual 02 - 'Knight Fight' Wenn der Totengott erwacht' January Im Bann des goldenen Horns' January Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan Conan January The Savage Sword of Conan February The Savage Sword of Conan March The Savage Sword of Conan April Conan Classic 2 - 'Lair of the Beast-Men!

Conan Conan Conan Conan January Conan Classic 10 - 'Beware the Wrath of Anu!

Conan 1 - 'Song of the Death Pits! Conan the Savage 1 Fall MAD November Rune 1 - 'The Dark God' December Conan the Savage 6 February Conan 11 - 'Queen of the sites, Part 2: Conan 1 - 'La torre dell'elefante' March Conan 3 - 'Ombre a Zamboula' July The Hammer of Crom' February The Road of Kings' March Lord of the Spiders 2 - 'Slave of the Lotus' May Cages' November Wings of the Prayer' December Red Wind out of Acheron' January A Curse in Crimson' February Blood and Steel' September Flame and the Fiend 1 - 'Flame and the Fiend, Part 1: Familiar Fire' September Flame and the Fiend 2 - 'Flame and the Fiend, Part 2: Skeleton Wings over Turan' October Flame and the Fiend 3 - 'Flame and the Fiend, Part 3: Hour of the Demons' The Art of Michael Kaluta' Praedor 3 - 'Koston merkki' Conan 4 - 'Gates of Paradise' June Conan 5 - 'Ashes of a Great Fire' July Conan 6 - 'Day of Farewell' August Conan 8 - 'Born on the Battlefield: Part 1' October Conan 9 - 'Two Nemedians Walk into a Bar Conan 11 - 'The God in the Bowl' Conan 12 - 'The Hanumar Road' February Conan 13 - 'The Devil Within' March Conan 14 - 'The Ibis and the Serpent' April A Goddess Awakens' May Conan 16 - 'Horror on Uskuth Hill' June Conan 18 Mark Schultz: Various Drawings HC vol.

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Various Drawings TPB vol. Conan 19 - 'The Crown of Tiamat' September Conan HC vol. Conan 24 - 'The Magistrate's Wife' February Conan TPB vol.

The Art of P. Craig Russell' January Conan 36 - 'Silent to the Sea' February Conan and the Midnight God 3 April Conan 40 - 'The Tale of the Head' Summer Conan 43 - 'Pits of Refuge' Mark Schultz: Conan 44 - 'Man vs. Conan 46 - 'Over the Walls' Conan: Conan 47 - 'The Spawn of Nergal' Conan: Conan 48 - 'Darkness Rising' February Conan the Cimmerian 0 - ' Conan the Cimmerian 2 - 'Mark of the Wolf: Part Two of Seven' September Conan the Cimmerian 4 - 'The Skrae: Part Four of Seven' November Conan the Cimmerian 5 - 'The Wolf's Promise: Part Five of Seven' December Part Six of Seven' January Conan the Cimmerian 7 - 'Darkness and the Night: Part Seven of Seven' February Conan the Cimmerian 8 - 'The Scorpion: Black Colossus: Conan the Cimmerian 9 - 'The Mercenary: Part Two of Six' April Part Three of Six' Summer Conan the Cimmerian 11 - 'The Face on the Coin: Part Four of Seven' Conan: The Black Colossus: Conan the Cimmerian 13 - 'Black Altar: Howard Chronicles Slipcase Slipcase January Conan the Cimmerian 17 - 'Free Companions Part 2 of 3: The Deliverance' Conan: Conan the Cimmerian 18 - 'Free Companions, Part 3 of 3: Conan the Cimmerian 19 - 'Kozaki, Part 1: Ghosts' April Conan the Cimmerian 20 - 'Kozaki, Part 2: The Island' Conan: Red Brotherhood' Conan: The Newspaper Strips HC vol.

Conan the Cimmerian HC vol. Pirate's Moon' DH: HD 4 - 'Conan: Monsters' Conan: Road of Kings 1 Conan: Road of Kings 2 February King Conan: Road of Kings 3 King Conan: Road of Kings 4 Conan: Road of Kings 5 King Conan: Howard's Savage Sword 2 June Conan Island of No Return 1 Conan: The Mask of Acheron nn Conan: Howard's Savage Sword 3 November Road of Kings 10 - 'Is Tarantia Burning?

Marvel Comics Presents 6 January The Phoenix on the Sword 1 King Conan: I love Conan, and in the world of Conan comics, it's hard to beat Savage Sword of Conan , a black-and-white magazine put out by Marvel in the '70s that featured some of the most hard-hitting barbarian action of all time.

So today, to get myself pumped up for the new movie, I've gone through a whole stack of Dark Horse's awesome paperback collections to bring you The 10 Most Brutal Moments from Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian! As you may expect from his reputation, there are very few characters in the Conan who manage to get on his bad side twice.

In this case, Conan runs afoul of some old enemies while trying to con them into making him the king of a lost city you know, as one does , and surprisingly, he even offers to put old differences aside for the time being.

Unfortunately for Virata and Olgerd, they decide to take Conan prisoner and kill him. You can probably guess how well that works out for them. Yep: Conan grabs a knife out of another dude's belt and then proceeds to kill everyone in the room. And it doesn't stop there, either -- he goes on to kill even more of Olgerd's soldiers, including grabbing one and killing him by jumping off a tower and using the soldier's body to cushion his fall, then carrying the corpse around on his back as a human shield while people shoot arrows at him.

Then he fights a yeti.

And that's just the first half of the story. You or I would call that as one of the most badass adventures of all time. Conan refers to it as "Tuesday. Take Naia, for instance, a woman Conan met in "Secret of Skull River," who flirtily offered him "anything he might desire" if he'd kill her boyfriend for her, while striking a pose that was only subtle in that it didn't have a neon arrow pointing at her ladybits. Oh, and by the way, her boyfriend was an evil wizard.

Needless to say, this caused no end of trouble for our favorite Cimmerian, but as killing wizards is the closest thing to a steady job Conan has ever had, he managed it in the end. Then came time to claim his reward: Oh snap!

Not only does he cold shove her out of the way, but he throws out aline about being "worth riding twice" that might be the sickest burn on a wench's sexual prowess of all time.

Seriously, it might not be quite the same definition we started with, but that's unquestionably the most brutal breakup I've ever seen.

It's a beautifully drawn adaptation of Howard's last Conan story that does a great job of balancing action with the creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere of the original story, in a way that could only have been done as a comic. And it also has a scene where Conan fights a dinosaur.

That's not even the climax, either. It's page six. The only thing that keeps it from being higher on this list is that even though it's pretty awesome to see Conan just smacking at a dinosaur with his broadsword, he doesn't actually finish the job -- the dinosaur ends up running headfirst into a tree and dying from the impact. Then again, if you can somehow hi a dinosaur so hard that it's driven to committing suicide, you are pretty hardcore.

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You may have noticed that this is the point of the countdown where things have shifted away from Conan fighting people and more towards Conan fighting monstrous animals. It happens pretty often in the stories, for the simple reason that once you hit a certain point, people don't really present a believable challenge.

As a result, stuff like this happens a lot. Admittedly: This is not Conan's best gorilla fight. That happens in my all-time favorite Conan story, Rogues In The House, in which Conan is forced to wrestle a gorilla that thinks it's a wizard.

But keep in mind the following: a This means that Conan has fought gorillas multiple times.

And most importantly It doesn't end until after Conan has stabbed it, and I quote, "again and again into the groin. Sure, his retirement tends to be about as permanent as, say, Ric Flair's, but still.They stopped short. It was like a red sea, with each wave a straggling line of corpses.

If you need a quick guideline for creating a new wiki page, please use this handy Wikiskeleton. Admittedly: This is not Conan's best gorilla fight.

Conan the Slayer TPB vol.