Nationalism in India. As you have seen, modern nationalism in Europe came to be associated with the formation of nation-states. It also meant a change. The Nationalism in India means a change in peoples understanding of their The growth of modern nationalism is intimately connected to the anti-colonial. NATIONALISM IN INDIA. SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS [3 MARKS]. 1. Who had designed the 'Swaraj Flag' by ? Explain the main features of the '.

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nationalism, let us consider whether India is really a nation an India, or even any country of India, possessing, according to European ideas, any sort of unity. itself in India since Independence. Every aspect of development—social, economic, political and cultural—is in- formed by the spirit of nationalism, and. In this chapter, emergence of nationalism in India, factors and organizations responsible for spreading of the Indian National Movement will be discussed along.

Khilafat movement Rowlatt Satyagraha had been a widespread movement, it was still limited mostly to cities and towns. Mahatma Gandhi now felt the need to launch a more broad based movement in India. But he was certain that no such movement could be organized without bringing the Hindus and Muslims closer together.

There were rumors that a harsh peace treaty was going to be imposed on the Ottoman Emperor, who was the spiritual head Khalifa of the Islamic world. The Muslims of India decided to force Britain to change her Turkish policy.

A young generation of Muslim leaders like the brothers Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali began discussing with Mahatma Gandhi about the possibility of a united mass action on the issue.

Differing strands within the movement: Rebellion in the countryside: — From the cities, the noncooperation movement spread to the countryside. After the war, the struggles of peasants and tribal were developing in different parts of India.

One movement here war against talukdars and landlords who demanded from peasant exorbitantly high rents and a variety of other cesses. Peasants had to do begar. The peasant movement demanded reduction of revenue, an abolition of begar and social boycott of oppressive landlords. Oudh Kisan Sabha was setup headed by.

Jawaharlal Nehru and other, within a month, over branches had been set up by the villagers.

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Tribal peasants interpreted the message of Mahatma Gandhi and the idea of Swaraj in yet another way. The colonial government had closed large forest areas preventing people from entering the forests to graze their cattle, or to collect fuel wood and fruits.

Alluri Sitaram Raju Claimed that he had a variety of special powers.

He asserted that India could be liberated only by the use of force. The movement was turning violent in many places and satyagarhis needed properly trained for mass struggle.

Salt was a powerful symbol that could unite the nation. Salt march accompanied by 78 of his trusted volunteers.

Finally, Mahatma Gandhi once again decided to call off the movement and entered into a pact with Irwin on 5 March Participants saw the movement in different angle such as Patidars of Gujarat and Jats of Uttar Pradesh.

Gandhi called to Untouchable that is Harijan, Children of God.

The Sense of Collective Belonging Nationalist Movement Spreads when people belonging to different regions and communities begin to develop a sense of collective belongingness. The identity of a nation is most often symbolized in a figure or image. Indian folk songs and folk sung by bards played an important role in making the idea of nationalism.

The Politics of Cultural Nationalism in South India

In Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore and in Madras, Natesa, Sastri collection of folk tales and songs, which led the movement for folk revival. During the Swadeshi Movement, a tri-color red, green and yellow flag was designed in Bengal.

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Indian nationalism

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PART TWO. The Politics of Emergent Nationalism

Plagiarism is strongly discouraged.Meenakshi Barik. Its headquarter was set up in the form of Yugantar Ashram at San Francisco and started the publication of Gadhar Journal. Gandhiji designed the Swaraj Flag.

Congress Sessions during Swadeshi Movement: 1. The Congress Party's fortunes up till the s were single-handedly propelled by its legacy as the flagship of India's Independence Movement, and the core platform of the party today evokes that past strongly, considering itself to be the guardian of India's independence, democracy and unity.

Attendance is mandatory, and you should do all the reading.