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She tried to reel in her temper but sometimes I felt she lashed out at Simon for stupid reasons. I get she was overworked and stressed out but I was not happy with her for most of the story. Also I wished that this one was as funny as the first but it took a more serious tone, in dealing with Simon's issues with the death of his parents and Caroline's fear of moving too fast in their relationship.

However, the story was very engaging and as I said earlier, Simon was perfection!! He made this story! I was bracing myself for some pretty hardcore angst, seeing as Ms Clayton gave us some hefty angst in the last redhead book. I was thinking she might do the same here. Simon definitely acted like the mature person in the relationship, and that helped to keep the angst at a minimum.

That bad kitty had my heart hurting for a while there!!

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But, he turns things around and we also get his thoughts on everything during the Epilogue!!! Simon Parker!! So this one is definitely worth reading!!! View all 29 comments.

Was it as good as Wallbanger? Hell NO! That's all. It wasn't as funny as Wallbanger. Actually, it was far from Wallbanger. I think I would be happier if I never read this sequel. All the plot felt Like you read it million times. I just missed all those funny moments from Wallbanger which made it something different if not special View all 3 comments. Nov 12, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Wallbanger and continues following lead characters Caroline and Simon.

After the hilarity of Wallbanger , this sequel was fairly disappointing in comparison, but the newness of the characters' romance has passed and watching relationships progress can get a bit rocky at times.

I love this series and had previously skipped over this sequel but after watching a friend recently meet Caroline and Simon for the first time, I thought it was about time to finish their story.

If you are a fan of this series, make sure to include this one in the mix. My favorite quote: I was still waiting for that one to turn out to be true Nov 11, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: She manages to write the perfect blend of romance and comedy to give us sensational books as well as fabulous and loveable characters.

Instead, we get to see the natural progression of their relationship - the laughter, the sweet moments, the hotness — OMG, so much hotness!!! Simon and Caroline are still crazy in love. Fucking gorgeous man. And the best part? The way he looked at me. Like I was the prettiest girl in the room. Their relationship is mostly long distance, but they make do with daily phone calls and lots of sexting, and of course Simon comes home often, and when he does….

He lifted his head and opened his eyes. Singularly focused, dark, and of one mind-set. Simon was about to fuck.

This book is full of hotness! Think I even noticed that I had a forehead full of sofa? Hell no, I had a Wallbanger kneeling between my legs. Yes, there is a little bit of drama, but they deal with it all together rationally and functionally — and in their own style.

And the text messages between the group were absolute gold! And, of course, Clive the entitled cat very much makes his presence felt, and I love the way both Simon and Caroline dote over him. I thought the progression of their relationship was absolutely gorgeous, and I loved every minute of it. I loved it!

Now that Wallbanger Simon and Nightie Girl Caroline are a couple, we get a more insightful look at how they manage their relationship I love Simon He really is the best boyfriend ever especially for someone who hasn't had a serious relationship.

Simon and the Apostles at their reunion! Caroline got put through the ringer! She took over the business for Jillian while she was on her very long honeymoon and was handling things well Now that Wallbanger Simon and Nightie Girl Caroline are a couple, we get a more insightful look at how they manage their relationship She took over the business for Jillian while she was on her very long honeymoon and was handling things well but then fell apart over some other issues. I liked what she decided at the end.

The bonus parts of this series is the humor and the sex. AC writes both things very well And of course, Simon and Caroline are hot What bothered me was that there didn't seem to be any focus in the beginning.

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The story was just floating along with no build up. That doesn't mean there wasn't any drama It just didn't have the same impact. I really enjoyed the growth in Simon and Caroline's relationship but I especially liked the change in Simon.

He's really come to grip with some issues and has taken charge of his life. Yes, that crazy cat and then we're rewarded with the epilogue being from his POV! The next book is going to be about a high school friend of Simon's named Viv, who is very intriguing! I would love some Simon POV! I was actually in the mood for something light, funny and cute.

I got that.

You know when the Heroine and Hero get marry and have lots of babies. If anything the book is kind of realistic. I really liked the beginning. It was cute.

Caroline and Simon are together and they do not have the more normal relationship, but they are madly in love and they make it work.

Simon is still the sexy photographer and travels a lot for his shoots. Caroline takes some time off from work and travels with Simon from time to time. I consider this little bit like a montage.

It gives me a little treat before the real storyline begins. Caroline is really stressed out because her boss goes on a long honeymoon and Caroline must manage the practice. Oh and I love Simon throughout the book.

I got mild tension to keep me interested, but there was no hair pulling. View all 6 comments. Awesome to be back with "Wallbanger", "Nightie Girl", and Clive! The gangs all back with a light and fun read! Dec 18, Myrto marked it as tbr-asap. There's a second book coming up?!?!? View 2 comments.

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What happens after the happy ending? I really liked that this book touched upon the realistic aspect of a relationship. But what happens after that? This was just a great old time. And if these books did anything is that they make me want a cat. I think. But this story ended with an epilogue of a cat that was hilarious to follow. And he What happens after the happy ending? And he is as active and as present as the characters. They are still living in San Francisco, keep their separate apartments, but stay most nights together.

Simon is still travelling all over the world as a freelance photographer. Caroline starts to enjoy travelling some with him to all the exotic locations. We get some drama with two of them that are broken up, but for the most part they have a great group of friends. Jillian is also Caroline's boss at Jillian Designs. Jillian informs Caroline she will be in charge of the office while she is away on her honeymoon.

Caroline is honored to be chosen, but also a little overwhelmed with all the extra hours she will have to work. They both realize they love the small seaside town of Sausalito, and could see themselves building a life together there. They like the feeling of belonging to a community, and feel at home there.

as receitas dieta dos 31 dias pdf

We get to know more of Simon's past, and why he left Philadelphia when he was 18, and never looked back. This one wasn't as funny as book one, but I was ok with that. I still loved it! I would learn to make zucchini bread if Simon would just show up in my kitchen!

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